Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Goku hasn’t taught anyone anything. He can’t have anyone showing him up.


Didn’t he have to teach Piccolo Fusion Dance so Piccolo could in turn teach Goten and Trunks?


KaiokenX20 Ultimate Gohan would be a beast.


Goku is the ultimate Deadbeat Dad.

He even ratchets it up to ultimate Deadbeat Hero.

Dragonball will end with Goku ascending to something like:

SS 123 Taste the Rainbow Edition Deadbeat God

…and then beating himself up eternally for neglecting to create anything.


I know your comment is detracting from the thread, however I just wanted to comment on saying to you that I 100% completely agree. Those pure breeds have been messed up so badly that they now have significant health problems and issues so much so that they are no longer capable of going back to what they once were say 100+ years ago when they were truly magnificent animals.

Sad part is, you can no longer go back, because the genetic code has been altered and thus can no longer return to what it once was. Only way to ever alternate this would be to find a pair that has not been unaltered however that is now impossible given the state of things.

However to the point of the thread it’s not just DB that makes hybrids special, but in every aspect of fantasy or comic books, hybrids are more or less either just as powerful to the pure or some cases surpassing them, to even them being special.

As for Goku being a bad father, let’s be real, although Goku in spirit is childish, naive and not the smartest pertaining to responsibilities.

Even real fighters to athletes today, and some of the best to have ever done it in history were well…horrible fathers. All because the drive to becoming the best and strongest simply surpassed everything else to the point that it had a prolong negative effect on their families.

Goku just happened to hit the jackpot in that his wife was a truly patient woman (with a temper that is) with his antics whom was completely committed to Goku, his lack of absence and knowing who he really was and was capable of raising their two children, while getting her oldest son to be an educated scholar.

Goku may not have been the best father, but it’s also through his lack of absence and sheer focus as well, that the planet/universe hasn’t gone the way of the Dodo (although parts of it were his doing due to his nature of letting his opponents live).

Honestly, I really don’t even bother with trying to make reason with things that happen in DB anymore and just simply throw it into the fantasy, comicbook bs logic, meaning, it isn’t supposed to always make sense and you’re really supposed to just enjoy it because it’s fun.

Seriously, I for one do not believe that Ultra Instinct is the final form, lol, their’s probably a few more rainbow incarnations to come, and I’ll be looking forward to it.


I think that’s what everyone thought with mystic Gohan. I’d assume it will be the same for Broly too.


Gohan isn’t a mad dog though.


Just leaving this here now that its that time of the year.


Yo, I’m dead fam :rofl:


This clip speaks truth!
I mean bruh, mines came in this Friday, right on fuckin’ payday!!


Just in case some people aren’t aware…Vic Mignogna is getting me too’d.

If true then he’s probably going to get black balled…supposedly some of the victims may be just trying to make him look bad. Don’t know what’s trustworthy at this point or not so I’m kind hoping that the allegations are false but things are probably not looking up.


Vic is fucked regardless, even if he beats the case or is proven innocent, the mere accusation is enough to ruin a man these days. Your rep is in the shredder and jobs will be hesitant to hire you


Court of public opinion = Guilty until proven innocent but still guilty after being proven innocent


hes had accusations in the community for decades…same with greg ayres.


every voice actor from now on taking pics with female fans like this.


vic shoulda just been up front about his sexual harrassment like jason mamoa.


jason is taking your women, and you are gonna sit there and like it buster.


next time a voice actor gets asked to do hug pics from a fan girl:


nope lol


Essentially the only way now to stay safe if you’re a male VA is if anyone asks for a picture just put your hands in your pocket…REGARDLESS of what the person who wants the picture wants.


If youre male anything dont touch your female fans. In fact dont touch your fans. Hands in pockets at all times. The climate we live in currently isnt worth the risk.

Wonder how we even begin fixing this dumb shit smh.


Male? Clearly you arent tuned jnto the anime community. Lmfao momokun got booted from cons for touching fans. Everyone gettin metoo’d


Wait is that the female cosplayer that was just rolling up on random cosplayers she didn’t know and groping them?