Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


That is correct.


She knew a good amount of them. But even they were like fuck off


Yea she was straight up molesting people so not the same to me honestly.


that momokun shit seemed like an anomaly as opposed to the norm, can’t recall seeing too many women get MeToo’d


Theres a couple but overall men ate fuckin up more than women.

Im still waiting on greg ayres to get me too’d. Like vic ive heard of stories about him for 2 decades. Vic stories have been around since 2004/5


Women have to do some really out of the box shit to get bopped. Dudes just have to get accused and their lives are ruined.


Which is why i singled out males. Dont pretend there isnt a double standard here.


Yep, all these female teachers gettin caught with underage boys but the media refusing to use the word “rape” . They avoid that word when women do shit like that and try to downplay what happened


Partially it is because few if any of the male victims nor male guardians would claim those incidents to have been rape. It is a image thing that most of have grown up with, a young man at or just before high school age sleeping with the female teacher is a win/fantasy. Change that combination, different values kick in and the story becomes less charming for those that might be telling it.

All that said, being as aggressive as he is rumored to be , while not full blown rape is still sleezy behavior. He can recover with a good PR push, but frankly you have to hit the ground running to keep from drowning in the wave of negative stories. Especially when you literally are posing in a number of them.


It doesnt matter, when you are underage you cant concent and thus its statutoriy rape. Thats the fucking law but they refuse to call these females rapists because they are female even tho according to the letter of law they are fucking rapists.

I remember a couple years ago an underage teen was being prosecuted for raping his same age girl friend even tho they both concented, he was working to help raise their child and lived with her parents in order to have a stable home for the child. State still went after him and fucked him and that family over because “letter of the law.”

So yea fuck that double standard horse shit, these teachers are fucking rapists, stop protecting them and being nice to them because they have a fucking vagina.


How the fuck is it possible for him to be a statutory rapist IF THEY ARE THE SAME AGE?

What in the actual lack of anything even remotely approaching “logical”, fuck??


No fucking clue, but he still got got.


Who got charged with stat rape and was the same age. Proof plz cause i dont believe you.

Actuay this may explain something…from wiki.

In many jurisdictions, the age of consent is interpreted to mean mental or functional age.[7] As a result, victims can be of any chronological age if their mental age makes them unable to consent to a sexual act.[7][8][9] Other jurisdictions, such as Kentucky, eliminate the legal concept of “mental age” and treat sexting with a mentally incapacitated person as a specific crime.


I dont really care if you believe me or not. I have nothing to gain by lying and i dont really have the time to sort through thousands of articles on google about the subject to find a 5+ year old story. I dont remember their names or even the state it was in, im not gonna hunt for a needle in a hay stack to presuade you. So you just go on believing there isnt a doubl standard I guess, i wont lose sleep over it. * shrug*


The issue with Vic’s case to me is this. I haven’t seen any actual evidence. Everything is “my friend said” or “I know someone what”. I mean it’s the 21st Century. Cellphones have been a thing for a while. Shouldn’t there be pictures or something?

Not only that, if any of those kids get those teachers pregnant they are responsible for child support. So if Miss Johnson thinks her 13 year old student is hot, and gets knocked up by him, he is responsible for child support. So according to the law, he wasn’t old enough to consent, it’s statutory rape or worse, but he still has to pay child support. The sad thing is I’m not surprised by it. If you sign a birth certificate and find out later that the kid isn’t yours, you still are the “legal” father and have to pay child support. :crazy_face:


Hes had accusations since pre-social media/everyone havjng a cam. Most sexual assaults arent on camera. So no most likely you arent gonna get physucal abuse evidence most of the time. Ive heard rumors of him since 2004.


He could be guilty man. I’m just saying that his career has been completely destroyed without one ounce of evidence. I’ve seen several claims of him allegedly touching people inappropriately during photos. Haven’t seen any of the photos. Is this the society we want to live in? Where you can bury someone on hearsay and second hand accounts. We’ve gone from just dismissing allegations without looking into them to accepting them as fact without looking into them. Neither situation is acceptable.

When it comes to someone’s livelihood, rumors aren’t good enough man. Instead of going to the authorities, people are just accuse someone via social media at let the lynch mob destroy them. Even if they manage to prove themselves innocent, no one cares. The accusation is enough to ruin you.


Thats kinda where Im at with this #MeToo stuff. Men pretty much have no dog in the fight unless he got concrete evidence of innocence. Even then, yo rep still is in the shitter after the fact

At this point, only thing u can do is pay bitches off if they’re thinkin of going to the police or media regardless of guilt or innocence.


I’m reading Dragon Ball Super manga. But, I’m at Chapter 32 at the moment.


I tend to agree but when his fellow coworkers are calling him out…it adds more credibility to the claims. Look at the priest stuff, we dont deny it happened because so many people said it happened. No physical evudence since it was so long ago.