Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Ugh…manga is not good IMO. It gets worse as it goes along. The opposite of the anime.



What about when you’re underage and kill someone and get tried as an adult. Surprised suspects haven’t used that defense yet when it comes to underage…

On side note:

Vic Mignogna is Broly… Didn’t know…


How does one even begin to apply such a capricious standard, unless dealing with legitimately, physiologically irrefutably mentally retarded people?

Fucking that special someone is pretty damned disgusting, and all, but where does the line get drawn?


Laws are fucked up. We got some weird laws in mass still on the books. Theirs this weird one where if a girl has sex before 16, she can have sex with a dude of sny age. How the fuck you check this i have no clue but its a legit law here


You see that is the thing. They came to his defense at first. Once the fire got hot, they threw him under the bus. That means one of two things. They either threw him under the bus to save their own asses, or they new he was lecherous creep and looked other way. No matter the scenario they look like terrible people IMO. Especially Christopher Sabat, that dude has all kinds of pull.


Id have to look it up but one of the voice actresses said he did some creep stuff/sexual assaulty type stuff to her. I just don’t remember who off the top of my head


Was it Monica Rial? The voice of Bulma?




I heard about that. Which is why I said what I did in my previous post.

Either they are throwing under the bus or they knew what he was doing for years and said nothing.

Vic is the original English dub voice of Broly. Which means they’ve been working with this guy for more than a decade and a half. If he is what they say he is, then they WTF have they been doing all this time. I mean Sabat is the voice director at Funimation. He’s been working with them for two decades. If they knew was creep why the hell have they been employing him for so long.


Even creeps need jobs to live.


hmm. idk man, this nigga sounds sorta gay irl. unless he acting.



I’m at the point where if individuals like this who make such claims, that if the accusations turns out to be false should be given repercussion for trying to defame someone.

Honestly, it’s disgusting for me to see women (because most of these cases are with women) accuse a man of doing something related to such acts, however either through the court process or some other aspect that it turns out to be false and she simply walks away.

However the mans life is screwed over, thousands in the gutter, with many believing that he’s “this individual” even though it was proven wrong, and she moves on with her life with Nothing done to her.

Women who do this should get punished for falsely accusing someone, and yes, I am 100% behind an individual if something bad did happen, and they take it to the court of law and the accuser is found guilty with proper evidence.

That way, only the Real individuals whom really had something horrible happening to them will step forward because this type of thing has become a big problem within the modern day, especially with Social Media.

However all of this finger pointing “He did this me!” and the entire social media hounds this person for such a thing before their is no real case behind it is the real problem here.

Women wonder why “chivalry” is dead and these are one of those things, pretty soon we may get to a point in which someone may accuse you of sexual crimes just because you simply looked at them wrong.

Sick of this stuff, and as I said, if these accusations are anything, then take it to court and put it behind a fair trial. Give the man his rights, Innocent until proven Guilty, but in this day and age, Guilty until proven Innocent.

What a Joke.


It’s a low risk high reward situation. If the accusations are proven false, they is almost no repercussion to the accuser. One only has to look at what happened to Brian Banks. Dude was on his way to USC with a full scholarship. Was falsely accused of raped, spent over 5 years in prison, and until his accuser reached out to him to “renew” their friendship. She got 1.5 million dollars and hasn’t had to spend a day in jail. If she hadn’t admitted it, she most likely would have continued to get away with it.


thats why you videotape every sexual encounter you have like mike tyson does since the rape conviction.

at least, thats what you supposed to do. im too lazy to hide my mini spy cam tho.


and in the 2019 movie too.

if stuff is legit then why cast in 2019 movie?

Brett Kavanaugh ring bells?..


Good question. I mean he’d worked for Funimation for over 15 years. It’s not like he just showed up on Dragon Ball Super: Broly and they had no idea who he is. The Funimation voice cast has been pretty consistent over that time frame. The anime dub VA community has lot of overlap. He kept getting jobs. The #MeToo movement had been going on for a while now. Still no one said anything. Still he got brought back for DBS: Broly dub.

I’m not saying he’s innocent but why has still been getting work. Usually when someone is a creeper that gets away shady shit, they are in a position of power. People will keep quiet out of fear of being blacklisted. Does Vic have that sort of pull? Doesn’t seem so but I certainly could be mistaken. The only thing I remember him having a power position on was his Star Trek Tribute series.


Honestly he may never have crossed the uncomfortable touching line into full blown rapist but even skirting that shit is perfectly fair grounds to get your life tossed because as an adult you should realize some shit like kissing underaged girls or boys no matter your position is wrong.

Just as reminder this thread is supposed to be about Dragonball. Frankly I am surprised we are all spending so much time talking about this when the man has barely been in the series.


Sorry man. So when do you think the new Super episodes will premiere? They’ve been in preproduction since October, so at least they aren’t rushing this time.


Why has he been getting work if its true?

Because its a slow game, plenty of industries like this have people still getting plenty of work amid allegations. Plus hes the first real metoo guy tonhit the voice acting industry publically


I learned through a friend in construction that in this province, leering law is in effect. That means when they worked at a college campus, they could not look at a woman more than 3 seconds otherwise they would be kicked out of the site immediately