Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so



Is that why?


What in the actual fuck?

That’s some reverse Burka shite, right there.

Where do you live… Canada?

Your country sucks.


Now I want there to be a gay construction worker gets booted from the site for leering at woman. The fallout would be hilarious and that dude get paid in the impending lawsuit.


He’d probably have to “prove” that he’s 100% gay, or else get fired for being .00001% bisexual.


Getting back to Dragon Ball, this is kind of cool. Bardock’s crew actually was in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Small cameo but cool nontheless


The movies and DBS made some solid green, or whatever color yen is, so I expect Super or whatever the new show to be called to appear late 2019 or early 2020.


I wonder if there were actual animated scenes cut from DBS: Broly. I’m sure more were story boarded but Toei would make a killing with an “Extended Cut” Blu-Ray. It is more clear than ever that Toriyama added a variation of the Bardock special to the official time line. As the video above showed, Toyotaro implies that they were wiped out by Dodoria before they could return to Planet Vegeta and their absence added to Bardock’s suspicions.


Waitin on that Blu Ray. An already great movie with (hopefully) new scenes added


Is Broly canon now in DBS series?


Yes. The super movies are canon


Thank you, I face palmed too hard to respond :expressionless:


No just no