Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so



In ToP, Buu can Freeza still didn’t meet yet…


Anyone know if Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a “canon” sequel of DBS, DBS’s GT or something else? Since there’s a Super movie coming out that might contradict with things happening in Heroes.


goku visit his kids? lmfao what are you new? intergalatic deadbeat dad.


Think of Heroes like a Xenoverse Anime: Time Travelling rehashing more non-canon than a 13 year old’s self insert fan-fic



Ten character limit.


Speaking of the clearly non-canon so I’m not sure why the question was asked anime…here is a link the subbed episode.


8 minute episodes for DBH? :coffee:


So lets unpack this totally not fanfiction.

Whis Beerus Goku and Vegeta are busy having fun pretending it’s still Super and chillin on Pyramiggrdasil Planet. Mai then shows up on the planet to tell everyone Trunks is missing. Shin, sensing there needs to be some bullshit reason that Mai and Trunks need to be on Beerus’s planet to tell them this, simply exists there for 5 frames to explain that Trunks (and also Mai because) are there for training. But now Trunks is missing. Then a mysterious figure named Fuck You AKA Fu comes from behind a tree and tells them that he’s a friend of Trunk’s and he’s found him on the prison planet. Literally every intelligent being there and at home instantly point him out as the villain. Whis and Beerus do nothing for fear of being dragged into the plot. Goku and Vegeta are contractually obligated to say yes to a new series. They go to the giant Katamari where they run into Mr Exposition who has shapeshifted into Goku, but forgot that Goku has the brain of a 4 year old,so he actually says and does things. He goes SS4 and attack Goku Blue in the best action scene since Steel Magnolias. Fuck You reveals they’re all trapped because that’s how Katamari works and now he has a grand experiment to undertake with his buddy, Foreshadowy. Trunks is doing Hard Time for doing Time Hard, but escapes, cuffed, and bumps into Cooler, who wants to get on a DBFZ highlight reel by summoning Shenron.

The episode ends with the King of all Cosmos taking the two Zeno’s through a space rainbow on a tandem bike ride with no wheels. That last part I made up so that something interesting happened in this video.


Freeza since the ToP will most likely help the Z Fighters against a bigger bad…


Think of them as filler webisodes

Your brain hurts less

I will count them as canon

I just want gold freeza and metal cooler to exist together


you mean shin golden freeza…


The new movie title has been revealed. No this isn’t a joke.


So he’s now canon…fuck.


Depends on what they do with his backstory, it may be a good thing. That’s the only thing I hated about Broly. Him hating Goku for crying as a baby was dumb as fuck even for Dragon Ball.


i thought they were doin a different plot. we sure its not fake?


I’d be kinda down for a Broly rework just so they get a chance to turn crap into something better…but then who’s the dude with the scar in the art? It certainly doesn’t look like Yamcha…


I can’t believe this shit


Possibly Yamoshi?


The Movie is titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”…