Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


It’s real!


Well my excitement for this movie just dropped dramatically.



Don’t know all the butthurt people simply because it’s Broly. If this is an opportunity to flesh out his character and his backstory instead of that absurd one that we had, then I’m all for it. A slight reinvention of this character would go far in making him a far more interesting character than the shallow incarnate is at the moment.

I’ll be looking forward to it, but will wait until this out on blueray or something before I watch it though.


I’m interested just because this is the first time Toriyama’s doing a straight overhaul of a character. Should be popcorn-worthy success or fail




Reading Trollriyama’s message is even better since I liked how DBS story unfolded. I had envisioned before Broly was revealed that whoever the saiyan villain was, he probably had an encounter with Frieza early in the movie. Glad I guessed right and now we get to see more exploration into saiyan origins. I’m hyped af


Yeah he co-opted Burdock but he didn’t change him. Curious how he overhauls Broly.


lol but the reason why the movies and dbs worked so well is because toriyama just outlined shit. someone else wrote all the good stuff


How to succeed at rehauling Broly:

-Remove dumbass motivation of crying infant.

-Give him more than 1 word to say


your dumbass doesn’t deserve that luxury.

  1. too tired to explain that (look up in the old thread)

  2. he had a shit load of lines, dumbos just chose to regurgitate memes


Hey, so now that Broly is canon, that means that Kale is the original and Broly is the knock-off.

I wonder if he’ll get a male ‘he’s just my roommate guys I swear’ friend


doesnt imply kale is the original. especially if they retcon the timeline…kale young as shit.


yeah Broly supposed to be Goku’s age, so younger than Vegeta but def older than Kale plus a different universe and could be the Saiyan God from Beerus dream at the beginning of DBS


so if this is really true im wondering if they are gonna fix all the random ass saiyan shit. ie.broly wasnt the legendary saiyan of lore. it was a giant ssj monkey, and like you mentioned beerus still hasnt met his dream saiyan.


You guys are taking very seriously a stupid comment from a stupid guy.


Was hoping more for a martial arts type choreography, but broly could make for some cool fights


He did give his own take on Bardock in dragonball minus. And it was pretty bad compared to the original.


You know how Toriyama kept us on edge on how ToP was going to end and all these swerves…

I wouldn’t be surprised if indeed Yamcha = Broly and Yamcha doesn’t know it yet. Similar to Reign in the CW Supergirl series…


I like how Toriyama forgot that he designed Broly. Fucking classic Tori.


Reminds me of how he was going to call SSJ3, SSJ2 because he forgot that Gohan reached that level when he defeated Cell :rofl: