Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so



His design look more unique in the actual footage


I was on the fence…now I’m hype as fuck. That animation quality. Damn.


I am hoping beyond hoping that Freeza IS NOT teaming up with the Saiyans. That’s the only part of that trailer I didn’t like


Shit looks hype as fuck! Broly coming out that crater…woo, can’t wait.


Frieza still has to keep his “promise” to Goku because this movie is canon.


That’s a joke right? ‘The Unknown Saiyan’ and ‘The Saiyan Whom Nobody Knows’.

In either case that animation looks FIYA! I was slightly intrigued but now hype.


Doubtful. More likely Broly tears through Freeza on the way to Goku. Might explain the armor


Japanese trailer:


Broly was non-canon til this movie. Kinda fits.


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IGN got Sean and Chris to read Yelp reviews


YouTube version:


I’m so fucking hyped. Base Broly too stronk for SSJG lol

It’s gonna be UI saving the day for sure, nothing else will stop LSSJ Broly


Would be funny if beerus has to go all out to stop him from going crazy on everything



but looks like my prediction is correct vegeta gonna get stomped on and goku will save the day


looks like RoF is still the best for vegeta fans, even though he didn’t get the W he still got to stomp frieza


It is just a trailer but given this franchise your prediction is probably as right as the prediction that a football will be thrown in a NFL game more then once.

I have hope myself that like the previous movies, this won’t end up a straight up 90% fight Broly until miracle save. 80% maybe but not a full 90.


I called it, Freeza bout to be the first nigga to get folded by Broly. Lol


Goku saving the day in Dragon Ball!? Shocking! :smirk:


Pretty much, even the majority of Broly Haters will be hype for this movie. The trailer imo gives away too much, since it pretty much shows us that only Ultra Instinct Goku will have any sort of chance against him.

Considering the trailer is already showing us that SSB was getting spanked by Broly Pre-Legendary Form.

The only thing left that would get me reeling was if Broly had another form that went beyond the Legendary Form.

Lastly, I don’t mind Goku saving the day…however this is coming from the biggest Goku Homer :stuck_out_tongue: