Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I hope Beerus comes in to tame Broly. Beerus and Whiz take in Broly for training so he can appear in future episodes of Super. :crazy_face:


I want Broly to dunk on Jiren


I want Krillin to Senzu Bean him death.


The animation/artstyle in the movie looks absolutely fucking sexy. This is easily the best Dragon Ball has looked to date

Still wish this wasn’t yet another Broly movie however


Toyotaro is doing Gohan vs Kefla loool I don’t see how this can end well.


I wonder if Beerus will finally get involved, this may be the legendary Saiyan God (or descendant) he’s dreamt of


I’ll say it because some won’t. Toyotaro is an awful writer. He should stick to art only. The anime had multiple writing teams, the manga just had Toyotaro. How the fuck his writing more inconsistent. I mean he could not keep his logic consistent over one chapter. The feats a certain character does in the beginning make them more over powered in the anime and then all of a sudden they start losing to a group of B Tier fighters that would get wrecked by just one of the characters Kale wrecked earlier I mean Kale elminated like 4 universes on her own was bodying Toppo, SSB Vegeta, etc. and she’s “too slow” for the B Tier Pride Troopers!? In short, fuck Toyotaro’s writing. Anyone still defending the manga at this point just can’t admit they were wrong about the anime handling things better overall.


3:1 odds have Goku looking at Broly and going ‘Just like Kale/Just like in the Tournament of Power’


I dunno why you guys are surprised by disappointing writing in the Super manga. I mean, this is the guy that started out as a fanfic writer for Dragon Ball in general (he came up with SSJ5)


after watching the broly trailer about 14 times now, I was thinking of how they gonna meet him and the most plausible argument could be Freeza conquering planets and finding him first, gets rekt and Beerus/Whis let Goku know. So he obviously wants to go fight the guy who did this. Also, it looks like base Broly has a necklace instead of his tiara so I wonder if that’s how Paragus controls him now? the saiyan recovery pods and baby Broly shots could point at a genetic experiment of some sort, like Broly was bio-engineered (this would be a Toriyama wink at BioBroly lol) to become an ultimate weapon. I’m really excited about this movie, animation looks great too.


Toyotaro doesn’t just work on the Manga by himself. Toriyama as an editor actually works very closely with him on it where as he really doesn’t work with Toei any further once he submits blueprints. So if anything the manga is still closer to Toriyama’s vision than the anime is. That’s not to say that Toyotaro doesn’t have his own influence slipped in there because he definitely does. My point is that Toyo can’t be the only one to blame for imperfections in the manga. Lol
Both adaptions have some stupid shit. Like the anime has some shit that was obviously made for no other reason to sell more toys and DB Heroes content such as Trunks new transformation.

Speaking of the manga. It was always interesting to me that Toriyama didn’t intend to have Vegetto return in the Trunks arc. Toei and Toyo just so happened to have the same idea and coincidently he returned in both adaptions.


Yeah no. The manga started off interesting but increasing laziness is inexcusable. This fool had Kale wrecking SSB Vegeta, Toppo, and Golden Freeza. Then she start losing to the B Tier Pride Troopers because her SS Berzerk form hampers her speed. Get the fuck outta her with that SSJ Grade 3 bullshit. If her speed was hampered, she would NOT have been bodying fighters far faster than the B-Tier troopers. Goku, in his base form, was wrecking them fools At least when Toriyama forgets shit, it’s because he wrote it years earlier. Does he have the mind of a goldfish? He can’t flip back a few pages in the chapter and say “Hey this doesn’t make sense based on what i just wrote earlier int he chapter?” Toyotaro has a habit of explaining things in a way that makes zero sense. He could said nothing and any reasonable person would have just assumed Kale got tired because just eliminated several universes Not only that the anime is done. If he wants to be lazy, just copy the anime. This “I’m going to pull a Rian Johnson” and change things to just change them doesn’t work.


Idk what you’re saying “Yeah No” to. The only thing I disagreed with you on was that Toyotaro isn’t the only one to be blaming. Lmao.

Yeah all of it is dumb and makes no sense. Lol



My bad fam, misunderstood what you were saying. I’ll have to take a L on this one.


Calling it now: Broly KOs Beerus at some point. Because there’s no reason this version of Broly should be any less retarded than the first one.

Also damn. Just when we thought the obnoxious Broly talk was over. Afterall, DBZ Broly could’nt possibly challenge the current SSJGod level characters…then this gets announced…

Behold: The birth of the next generation of Broly cock-riders! Uggghhh…


Nah, Beerus and Whis have an innate sense of oncoming shit and will recuse themselves from the plot




Beerus has only acted during the Zamasu arc. I doubt he gets to do shit here cause Ultra Instinct exists. I do agree that having base Broly against Blue is kinda dumb. At least make it go regular SSJ first then reach LSSJ once Goku uses Kaioken


With good reason. Beerus and Whis are presented as mountains bigger than anything the main characters ever go up against. Remember how they were there for RoF arc and everyone was like ‘Freeza doesn’t really seem like a threat when someone drastically more powerful is there but can’t be assed to step up’.

Beerus and Whis doing stuff is a ‘once in a blue moon/special occasion’ deal. Which can work, especially given what happened with Main Time Line Zamasu