Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I would agree with you pre-ToP. Now that Jiren was confirmed stronger than GoDs and UI made the GoDs shit their pants, Beerus shouldn’t be seen as a being of unreachable levels now. Whis sure, but Beerus maybe not so much (anymore)


Couple of things

  1. Jiren is stronger than his GoD. Beerus is arguably the strongest GoD among all of them. The power difference can still be quite vast.

  2. ToP power scaling is a bit off because not only was everyone power limited by the rules, but they also HEAVILY chuck that sense of scaling out around the time Kale was wailing on SSB.

  3. The setting would not allow it. They present Beerus as something insurmountable, not even something Goku can asspull his way out of. Even in other media, the likes of let’s say SSB Vegito still have great doubts about overcoming Beerus (source: DBFZ). He’s established as being the figure who will wreck your shit and it’s integral to the character he stay that way or he loses a reason to exist.


they’ll be involved. since he was partially responsible for the destruction of planet vegeta. It was like pointed out in return of F i believe.


plus he might be the saiyan God from his dream. I’m really hyped about the movie


no that was confirmed to be yamoshi, i thought the same thing til someone pointed me to this interview with toriyama. Theres another site that has a quote where most likely beerus just sensed yamoshis spirit and thats why he had the dream.



Ummm… Remember Ultra Instinct? Even Beerus was sweating bullets!!!


You mean that transformation that lasted maybe 2 minutes, that transformation that he has no control over, that transformation that gave Beerus a DIFFERENT reason to sweat, or that transformation that literally anyone can attain if they try, including Beerus?

Oh, no, wait, NVM, I know which transformation we’re talking about


dafuq you smoking bro
Beerus did show respect to Goku for reaching AND MASTERING Ultra Instinct. I don’t think your assumptions are correct


Goku…mastering Ultra Instinct?

When Vegeta told Goku to go UI in their last confrontation before the season finale, Goku basically told him that he didn’t even know how he did it.

Unless the Broly movie shows us that he can go UI at will, I call bullocks.


Beerus was in shock when Goku went UI. Unless you forgot already…


You know who also wasn’t in shock? The other GoDs and Kais that weren’t in the ToP. That’s because they were intrigued at best. Beerus is shocked not because UI is a threat, but because he went from having no hope to having stupid amounts of it, like starting with a 2-7 off suit in Texas Hold’Em and then two 7s and a 2 show up on the flop.


You trolling? Champa’s jaw dropped to imperfect UI, and the other GoDs were shitting bullets.


I wouldn’t use Champa as a base. That dude sweats bullets when Hit looks at him funny or Bulma catches him in a lie. Belmod and Champa were the only ones actively freaking out, Belmod because he’s never experienced a patented Goku asspull and Champa because he’s a cartoon character.

Every other GoD else had a drop of sweat, but they all kept their composures when they first see UI, and when Goku goes full Blanco they just stand up. The way you say it makes it sound like they were hysterically running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

You can’t tell me that UI frightens the GoDs when Quitela, possibly the most spineless of the GoDs, still has his shit eating grin when UI is first mentioned.


Quitela is that dude that brought gimmicks to a tournament of power lol. The most powerful warrior in his universe was a bug and a girl that could roll.

Whis said himself that Beerus hasn’t mastered UI, then we get Goku with mastered UI (direct quote from Beerus), it’s up to you not connecting the dots


Yes, the dude who brought gimmicks was unfazed by UI. That’s more a point in my favor than in yours.

And I wouldn’t call a two minute transformation that Goku can’t activate at will ‘mastered’. SSJ wasn’t ‘mastered’ until Cell, now you’re telling me this thing Gods have trouble using and that Goku pulled out of his ass in 48 minutes is mastered?

But fine, if you want to go about it that way, then here’s a counterpoint: If it takes UI Goku to reach Beerus, what’s going to happen when Beerus also learns UI? It’s not like SSJ transformations, Whis makes it very clear it’s a martial art technique that anyone could feasibly learn.


That’s true, Beerus also has Hakai energy and hax. It wasn’t me who said Goku mastered it, it was Beerus/Whis who did btw. If Beerus masters it sure he is >> Goku. But we are talking what we get from the Canon source which is “even GoDs have difficulty achieving it”.


And it was Goku who said he can’t do it.


That’s a plot thing, come on. Like when he said he “couldn’t” go Kaioken x4 against Vegeta and did anyways. Watch him go UI against Broly on December


Oh there’s no doubt in my mind. But that wasn’t my point in the first place

My original point is that Beerus and Whis are presented as beings beyond Goku, something insurmountable that asspulling cannot hope to defeat. They serve as gatekeepers allowing Goku to reach new heights in his training and push him into new realms of danger and intrigue. Beating Beerus will serve as a symbolic end to these settings, as well as an end to his journey in U7, as there is officially no one greater in the universe. It would take a second movie, at least, to prove Goku is stronger and it would not be as over and done with as Jiren was at the end of the ToP. It would be long, grueling, and significantly less one sided than Jiren vs Full Blanco Goku was.

I’ll also add that in a straightup kill or be killed fight, until Goku can be perma-UI, Beerus would still probably just delete him before he ramps up to that level. Goku loves ramping up, Beerus knows Goku loves ramping up, and Beerus gives 0 fucks about instantly deleting fuckers.


goku will be able to do ui again. He has a specific set of requirements that went down that allowed it to happen. He mastered it while in the form, but he has no idea how to get himself to that place again is how i took it