Is there stuff for sale at Evo?

I have only been to Evo once in 2007 and I remember there were these JPN dudes selling DVD’s which contained other people playing video games at a expert level and tournament DVDs

Since I am coming again 4 years later, is there anything like this still going on and what sort of stuff should I expect? so I know how much cash I need and would they take credit cards?

Various merchandise will be for sale.

Madcatz booth Woot!

Last year Hori, meatbun and Madcatz had booths selling various merch.

oh cool but looking at the above companies it seems it will be mostly joy sticks?

Hori was selling Viewlix sticks.
Meatbun was selling shirts (obviously)
Madcatz was selling sticks and shirts iirc.

Thanks but I hope I do see cats otherstuff like CDs/DVDs again but then again I aint there for a convention but it will be nice