Is there such a thing as a tier in rolloing

As I use N groove are there certain people who have better rolls than others, maybe quick short ones as opposed to ones that takes 1 second odd to finish.

yeah…like Iori, Sagat or Kim. They have good rolls. Cammy, Rock and Blanka have bad rolls.

Doesn’t Kim and King have the best roll in the game or something?

I also remember Sagat having one of the best rolls too…I could be wrong.

Is there a list I can see ?

jchensor’s guide

BukTooth’s guide

Both guides have info on everybody’s rolls, distances, invicibility frames, etc.

Thank you but the link won’t work as gamefaqs have stopped that shit now, bastards > PS2 > CvS2 > Faqs > In-depth faqs

or just copy and paste the whole link on any opened window

Iori, Kim, King, Vega have good rolls
I believe Balrog and Bison also have a good roll

Actually Vega’s roll is pretty average according to Buk’s guide.

Top Tier rolls (2 frames recovery):
Iori, Kim, King, Athena

2nd Tier rolls (3 frames recovery):
Rog, Sagat, Yama, Beni, Yuri