Is there such a thing as an analog arcade stick?

Is there such a thing as an analog arcade stick for games that require analog control?

I guess what I meant was, an actual stick sold to be plugged into a console.

No, you can’t buy a stick that comes like that to plug into your console. Nor would you want one for fighting games. The best solution you might be looking for is a P360 or a Sanwa Flash (or a clone of a Flash). I don’t know if they really use analog signal (I don’t think that would work for fighting games), but they do use optical which means it doesn’t have microswitches, and I think that may be what you dislike.

If you want an optical stick then you may have to have one custom built. And optical sticks themselves are ASS expensive (at least until Toodles starts making them).

the reason I ask is not for street fighter or games like that, but for Super Smash Bros Brawl. I know most people would balk at that but getting rid of items and playing only on certain levels can allow a very competitive experience. Unfortunately there is a difference between walk and run in that game and it’s important.

Then just use a TVC madcatz stick and switch it to be the left stick. Can’t remember if you can still walk or not but to control the pressure, it will be a big job which is not worth it for one game.

PC Joysticks are usually analog. You can probably transplant one with a bit of effort. It’s probably also possible to do a 49-position stick conversion. Neither is going to be a drop-in replacement though.

The cheapest analog arcade stick I found is the LS-64 on At about $80

I think you could hook that up to a gamecube pcb if you replace the pots on the left analog. Still pretty hefty price. I’m looking for a cheap analog stick as well for a pinball stick, but so far the controller is looking to be costing a lot.

As mentioned above, there’s the Seimitsu LS-64. Other than that, Sega also made an analog stick back in the day. If you want, you can try sourcing the control panel for that and mounting it on an HSS-0130 or custom case.

If someone has one of these, could they let me/us know what the pinout is on the cable harness there? I’d love to see if they could work with the potentiometer contacts on controller PCBs with analog sticks.

[edit] Damnit d3v, you beat me with the Sega comment, hahaha.

I’m also looking at the ultra stick, but am wondering if it will work.

Well I was the same person who found out what that was when someone made a thread about it some months ago.

you’re missing the point. Smash bros requires analog movements to play the game. Different tilts = different moves, the TvC stick is purely digital and won’t be able to do everything required that a gamecube pad can do.

I’m wondering, what is wrong with the gamecube pad?

Was wondering the same as well.

What’s wrong with the PS3/360 pad or the arcade stick for SSF4? Some people prefer different controller layouts regardless of what’s standard.


  1. MC Cthulhu has modes for Smash play with a digital stick. Information in the first post of the Cthulhu thread. (Works for Brawl and Mellee)
  2. Pad hack a Wii wand to a stick and play Brawl using the ‘wand turned on its side’ mode. Works for Brawl but not mellee.
  3. Play on a pad.

It does look like the Sega Analog stick and the ultrastick above could be set up.

For the sticks? Sure. But it still wouldn’t be enough for Smash to be fully playable. The analog trigger information plays a big role, especially in Melee.

has anyone used these sticks to play SF?