Is there such thing as a lag free PS1/PS2 to PC convertor?

If so, which one is it? I basically have a custom PS1/PS2 stick that i would like to use for MAME and would like it to be arcade perfect (if possible). Any ideas?
I thought about getting a “MAME” machine but it’s too complicated for me. I will just use the stick with a 20 inch TV using the S-video output from my 9800 pro (the picture isn’t clear tho why is that?)

Thanks in advance

The radioshack usb converter hasn’t really given me any troubles at all.


It works great, I was going to use them for my MAME cabinet.

Radio shack converter :tup:

i have a radio shack converter and it is absolutely shit sauce i cant even srk or throw fireball constantly :tdown:

<— has a radio shacker

same here, im using mine with the hrap and i cant pull shit consistantly at all.

btw, which radioshack converter you guys talking about? the old one or the new one with the blue on it?

i use BOOM N64-PSX-to-PC Adapter, works great with my stick thats got a non-dual shock pcb

fuck man i need to figure my shit out. everyones loving the radio shack converter but im not having any luck using it on my hrap. i want to make sure whats up before i order/buy a different converter.

shrug, you can try mine out with the hrap if you want

Has worked perfectly with everything I’ve put in it, and it even has 2 ports.

Somebody recommended me this converter while I was having trouble finding one that would work well. Ive had no problems with it whatsoever, it works great! Check it out
This works great for me, I use a custom stick with a hacked PSOne Dual Shock series “H” pad.

^ Avoid this at all costs. it lags a lot. it’s fine for RPGs, but it’s definitely not for stick use.

Well I have had the radioshack converter for a while and I also have problems with when it come to repeating sertin motions and repeatedly presing a button. I have also done a test that i made up, what you do is go to the controler menu and press a button repeatedly and you will see it blinking red ten that after a few seconds it will pause instead of blinking red then continue. Its a cool converter for lets say super nintendo but for fighting game i doesnt cut it. Its not acurate. I play GGXXreloaded for pc and as well as other emus and when I for example play with Sol Badguy and do his special qcb,f+hs over and over it doesnt happen too much with the radioshack converter. I did some research and found a solution. I bought this

It works like a charm
and its cheap

The BNS Single PS /PS2 Controller to PC Link Cable is cool but its throgh a parallel port. The driver i use is PPJoy v0.83. What i like about this converter is that it supports multitap but a havent tried it.

I noticed the same thing about the Radio Shack converter when I went to test it out.

finally im not alone here haha. alright i guess its time to shop around.

saying something like this without saying what stick/pad you’re using with it is kind of pointless. i use it with my hrap and it works great, no lag.

sorry. i used a Sony Dual Shock pad. i also tried to use it with an unmodded Namco. pretty bad for both.

I use a SmartJoy Plus USB Converter, and it works perfectly. Part of the lag that you may be talking about may depend on what pcb you are using (what circuit board from what hacked controller). I noticed that with some 3rd party pcb’s or dual shock 2’s they can be a bit buggy with adapters.

I built my own stick and used an old PSX pcb and it works great. So does the dual shock 1’s.

No problems with the hori soul calibur stick either, but the hori real arcade or other sticks that have auto-fire buttons and other cheat buttons work bad with the adapters.