Is there such thing as a wii to xbox 360 conveter?


I am asking this because I have a TvC mad Catz stick that has been collecting dust lately and I just got me an xbox 360. I just want to know if there is such a thing and if so, tell me where to get it.


For use directly between a Wii and 360, no. Your best options are to either replace the existing PCB with a 360 one, or install some form of PSX PCB and use converters.


Just buy a PS360+ and install that.


The PS360+ does not have Wii support at this time. PS1/PS2 support is still pending, and is going to be added via firmware update

As of right now no single PCB offers Xbox 360 and Wii support.


Doesnt’ sound like he cares about wii support atm. Also, nsongter is probably telling him to get the PS360+ and mod the TvC.

I thought PS360+ already had the PSX/PS2 support out of the box?


There is a new converter, it’s a wireless USB nub and it supposedly lets you use Wii/PS3/360 on anything. Supposedly even works with USB devices (Sega Saturn USB Controller perhaps!!??)

Unfortunately I don’t have a link or even remember what it’s called. There was a thread for it on neoGAF a while back, let me do some digging.


That was easy! Here :

It’s called Chronus. Supposedly next to no lag (gaf poster confirmed around 1/10th of a frame, I don’t even know how you measure something that miniscule), one of the best out there. They say they are “working” on Saturn support. If they do nail it I will be first in line for this device.


unfortunately that converter wont work with the TvC stick as its mainly for USB to USB type devices.

My favorite thing to do to TvC sticks is put an MCC in them, and then use a ps2>360 converter for the ultimate ghetto mod. Lots of work though if you don’t have the experience.


I know, he sounded like he didn’t care about Wii support.