Is this 360 controller common-ground?

I’m talking aboutthis one from DealExtreme.

I don’t care about the controls themselves as long as the electronic is common ground (and the Windows drivers are “standard” ie the MS ones are enough).

most likely not

Only one way to find out. Buy one and open it up yourself.

As D3v said Only way for someone to find out is to open one up
I like to add have a multi-meter ready

I asked this because someone might have ordered this controller before. I can use a multimeter, thank you

If its the same ones like the knockoff ones being sold on ebay, then yes it is common ground.

I do recall the analog stick directions acting funny when multiple buttons were press when I installed it in a dual mod (stand alone it was fine). Ended up adding diodes to some of the button signals.

I only had one of those pads so I didn’t have much of a chance to test if that was a one time thing or not. I didn’t really bother once I was able to get a good supply of fightpad/brawlpads.

Edit: If I remember right, I think the controller itself wasn’t that bad in quality to play games with.