Is this a decent Fighting stick for fighting games?

I’m trying to buy a decent fight stick for my pc so i can play SF X T, Skullgirls, S F IV, ect…, but its my first fight stick so is this a decent one, and if not can you recommend one that is either $80 or cheaper, and yes i know sometime down the line i’ll need to buy a more expensive one, but this is all i have to start, thank you for the answers in advance
Qanba Q1

I heard it’s a good beginner stick to start with. Also, you should search up Eightarc. They have the stick at $60, not sure about shipping.

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This would be a good place to ask to start:

The Q1 can do you well for your first stick. It uses Qanba’s own parts, which are like knock off sanwas but still are fairly good. You should have no problem swapping parts (which is a smarter move than buying an entire arcade stick altogether) and there are various mods to apply to this stick in terms of the button switch and joystick replacement.

In regards to your statement about another stick, why would you need to buy a new stick later on? Unless you buy a complete piece of crap, the Q1 should serve you well. The parts aren’t sanwa parts similar to many common arcade sticks and some cabs, but when it comes down to it you really shouldn’t have to worry about swapping parts until you learn to play on a stick and adapt to it. Once you learn to play on stick, it won’t be awhile until you notice the subtle differences in the parts and when you do just research some of the threads to make an educated decision to fit your preference.

My first stick was a Qanba. I have a te stick aswell but I use the Qanba one cause its heavier, doesnt slip around :slight_smile: