Is this a frame trap?

Hey guys, I haven’t been playing Rufus for too long and I was messing around today against the training dummy and found this setup. Is it a frame trap to after a blocked galactic tornado (the end of his BnB in this case) immediately go into an EX gt? Looking at the frame data it would be a no, but I don’t know if the startup frames of the EX gt are for the vortex to startup or if its before it actually hits. It feels pretty close to a frame trap to me, but I thought you guys might know for sure.

Also came up with this set up I was going to run past you guys. f. throw, df. mk, dive kick. I had it recorded as the dummy where the best I could do against it was trade or get out of the way with a reversal shoryuken. Anyone use this setup?

It’s not really a frametrap. Since Heavy Galactic Tornado is -1 on block EX Messiah Kick will beat almost anything out since it has lots of invincibility. Any other follow ups from Heavy Galactic Tornado can get stuffed because Rufus’s fastest option which is cr. jab only has a 4 frame startup.

So, the startup frames on the frame data chart for ex gt are for the “vacuum” effect to start?

oh i misunderstood your post. -.- I thought you meant EX Messiah Kick. Disregardmy entire post.