Is this a godd unmodded stick for a begginer?

The parts aren’t exactly quality parts but I’m sure it’ll help you get a good feel for sticks to get used to them. I honestly suggest you get a TE or some stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts instead if you want to start out with quality parts from the very beginning though. The difference (especially in the joystick) between Sanwa/Seimitsu and stock Hori parts are pretty huge.

This is thr TE right?

I cant beleive I wrote godd instead of good on the title of the thread.

get this:
good for beginner, and if you don’t like joystick, you didn’t spend a lot. If you do like it and wants more, it’s very easy to mod.

The problem with the SE is that you pretty much have to mod it. The buttons will stick and/or the joystick will give out. If you never want to mod the FS3 will probably last longer, but the SE is much better for size, stability, and easy of mod.

I think that hori stick you posted is pretty decent. I’ve collected tons of sticks and built them too, and I really don’t think the hori is that bad at all.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback about this stick. I’m thinking of getting the Gamecube ps2 controller adapter and a Ps2 stick since I recently got TvC for my Wii and I was wondering if this would be a good stick to use for it since I dont want to buy an $80 dollar stick for the Wii console.

Edit: Didnt put the link <.<

Stock, it’s terrible. But it is one of the cheapest platforms for modding.

Oh okay I see. Thanks. Ugh…I need to find a reliable Ps2 stick…I really dont wanna buy an 80 stick for the Wii lol