Is this a good deal on an LCD HDTV?


I just got a PS3 and have been playing it on a very old Sony 20’’. Hell this TV is so old it doesn’t even have a flat screen.

Quick questions. Will I be able to watch regular cable tv on this tv without buying some sort of adapter? Typically, how much more does HDTV cost over regular cable? And finally is this TV a good deal for the price? My family hasn’t bought any sort of LCD/Plasma TV before so I’m sorta lost for information here.

Budget: I’m buying this TV for my apartment so I’d don’t really want to spend more that 600. 500 and below would be preferable.

for 300 more you can get the Westinghouse LVM-37w3. It’s the only Westinghouse I ever bought and I love it. I understand your budget situation, so i would wait for a deal on this model if I were you. 1080p is worth the upgrade and you 5 more inches.

With your model you just need the Digital antenna to get digital local channels and HD content (usually prime time). With the LVM-37w3 you need a separate HD box from your cable company. I’m a poor college student, but I get free cable in my apartment and the HD upgrade with my cable company is not worth it (crappy and expensive). Personally I’d rather watch rental Blu-ray movies and play PS3/XBOX 360 and use it as my PC monitor.

It’s a good TV for watching TV, but with an 8ms response time it won’t be that good for gaming (it will probably lag a lot). I have the same Westinghouse as Aktham and yeah for $300 or so extra you will get a lot better screen.

I work for a cable company and they charge $5 for HD and I think most companies charge somewhere around that price, some more some less. But of course it depends where you live and what cable company you have there. for various HDTV set reviews.

This HDTV comes recommended and goes on sale at $500 sometimes:

If you decide on the initial set, be sure to check and see if that same set goes on sale within a month after purchase so you can get a little money back with their (Best Buy/Circuit City) price matching policy.

The Sunday paper is your best friend.

K, update.

I’m considering buying this. I think I can get it tomorrow for 899 but I dunno how long the sale is gonna last. Looking for opinions asap. Thanks all.

there are cheaper prices for this TV out there, and that includes shipping. :smokin:

Can we say $766.00?

The LVM-37w3 model has the exact same response time of 8ms so are you saying all lcds with 8ms response time will suck for video games?? are there even any LCDS with lower than 8ms response time. All the LCDs that came recommended for playing video games that i have looked up all have 8 ms response times.

for what its worth, there are plenty of lcd monitors with 4ms response time - so i don’t see why HDTV units can’t have the same.

you won’t notice 8ms response times, the gaming standard when LCDs were first growing up was 12ms and anything higher was considered bad as many displays had as much as 25ms. If you aren’t a part of skynet or a member of the xmen you won’t notice the 8ms response time. (note that the response time does not represent the possibility of lag from scaling or image manipulation that many HDTVs have problems with)

thx for clearing that up

holyshit this is good stuff. id rep you but i dont know to. :smokin: