Is this a good deal on an SE?

(Right sorry if this is a noob question but I did a search on SE stick and didn’t come up with anything related to this question)

Today I’ve finaly found a store selling arcade sticks near where I am but they are selling the SE only and the price is 100 for the PS3 and 120 for the X-box 360

Since I have never seen them in stock anywhere else, is this a good deal or should I just bite the bullet and attempt to make a custom one since I already have a few spare controlers for PCBs (but not skill in woodwork and limited experience in soldering)?

Thanks for any answers.

that’s too expensive…

Yeah those are borderline eBay prices. Honestly just do what makes you happy, if paying the extra difference doesn’t bother you then go for it. They are pretty hard to come by but will be released more and more as time goes on.

if your buying the SE just wait a little while to find the right price patience is a good thing but if thats a tourney edition GO FOR IT !

Ah thanks in that case I’ll wait a while, thought something might have been up since the store always tends to charge more for games as well and I heard the american retail prices of the SE were around $70 so it’s quite a difference. (wasn’t sure it it was the normal price because I’m in rip off britain and companies tend to hike the prices of stuff up here)

Such a shame though since the gamestation nearby says they aren’t even going to bother ordering any more when they become available :sad:

try ordering online or other shops

That’s quite expensive. I got mine for 109USD.

They are in store at Gameshark UK (and Amazon UK was taking orders yesterday).

I bought mine modded with a LS-32 and Sanwa buttons for $130.00 shipped on eBay.

Once in a while you’ll see a gem.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sweet nearly half price thanks!

you should get that its a good deal

That is the retail price afaik.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this stick. Mine fell apart after 2 weeks and even if you are modding it that is pretty terrible.

100-120 :expressionless: that is not a good price…

70-79 is pushing it because eventually you will have to upgrade the parts anyway…

this is why i am personally making my own stick because i refuse to pay these prices for an inferior quality stick with a street fighter sticker on the front!

at least get a hori pro 3 or something at least those have propper parts in them…

ive came across this website before when searching for a stick. do u or anyone know how much it would cost to ship to the US?.. preferably ALASKA?

one of my buddies told me not to get this stick because shipping to the US would cost more then the stick… can any one second that?

i can second that, i looked at importing a hori pro 3 and the shipping cost was the same as the stick…

50-80 shipping i believe it was…

dang… ok… thanks i appreciate it!

I just got a used one at Gamecrazy yesterday for only 30 US. They had it labelled as a standard xbox 360 controller.

Kojiro, you lucky… mumble mumble :stuck_out_tongue: That rocks so hard. I want things like that to happen to me once in a while…