Is this a good deal?

I’m not very experienced with arcade sticks, I only own my TE, nothing else. After browsing for a stick I can use with my PC, since my PS3 stick won’t work with my chipset, I stumbled upon this Blaze PS1 2 player setup. This thing looks really, really nice and a great deal, for only 40 bucks. How is the quality on this thing? And where and for what price could I get an adapter for PSX to PC. One more thing, do you know what the parts are like? Sanwas? Seimitsu? Or just stock garbage?

Here is a picture of the stick:

you can always remove the pcb on your te stick, and replace with a $30 solderless Cthulhu, and they work with about any pc/mac.
and im pretty sure that blaze stick does not use seimitsu nor sanwa.

Yeah, I just finished googling the Blaze stick for a while, it seems like gutter trash. Is there a thread somewhere with VERY basic information on Cthulhus? Would I still be able to use it with PS3? That’s really important to me.

Where did you find a Blaze for $40?

Both Cthulhu, Multi Console & PS3/PC, work with the PS3.

MC Cthulhu is a few bucks more but you get the added benefit of retro console support: NES, SNES, Gamecube, PS1/PS2, Xbox1, Saturn, TG-16, & PC Engine. If the aforementioned consoles are not the slightest bit interesting, then the PS3/PC only Cthulhu is the way to go for you.

Oh awesome thanks, now, this sounds like it’s kind of difficult to put into the TE, are there some pics or something, like a video tutorial on how it’s done? I don’t want to go fucking up my only fightstick, especially since I have like zero cash. I also think I’d go with the MC Cthulhu, it’s not too much more and I own an NES and if someone’s playing 3S or something, I’d like to be able to join 'em.

@punkpc I found it for sale on a craigslist type site for my area, the guy has already sold it though.

It is a little bit of work to replace the stock PCB with the MC Cthulhu, I did the same swap a year ago. I don’t know of any videos/tutorials to do specifically what you’re doing though. I had a summer unemployed to teach myself to do it!

If you aren’t comfortable doing the mod yourself, you may want to outsource it to a stick modder in your area.

I’m traveling to EVO this year, I know Toodles is going to be there, do you think he would do it/be able to in such a short time?

^That’s something you’d have to ask him, I have no idea. I wouldn’t do it, personally, while I were at EVO!

Yeah, I just PM’d him, I doubt he’ll have the time or equipment, but I’m hoping so, because I don’t think there are any modders near Victoria, BC, Canada.