Is this a good deal?

no unless you are going to put a copy of XP on it. its fine for internet or school work but nothing serious.

Btw that laptop wont run vista correctly with 1GB of ram

Whats ram do? How much does vista need?

as long as you dont plan on gaming on it, its fine. vista will run fine on 1gb, but you should have at least 2gb.

Oh man, comp USA… heard nothing but bad things about them…

If you go down to a local Cirtcut City theres a decent Acer laptop for about $600-$700 with the same or better specs.

Whats RAM ? RAM = Random Access Memory. The easiest way to describe it is that when you have more your computer will run faster e.g. applications open up faster and run faster.

How much does vista need? At least 2gb, you could run it at 1gb but it would seem “slow” and “sluggish”.

As others said, if you’re going to use it for school stuff and internet then it’s fine. Don’t expect to run emulators or games at full speed though.

It’s not that great of a notebook for what you’re paying. The T2400 is only a Core Duo, which is out of date and nowhere near the speed of a Core 2 Duo CPU or even a Pentium Dual-Core. 1GB RAM is too little for Vista since the OS can take around ~800MB of RAM doing nothing. Not to mention since it has an integrated GPU, it shares the RAM you already have so you lose up to 251MB. And the notebook only has 2 USB ports, you’ll probably use one for a mouse which only leaves one more port open. Battery life is most likely very short for this notebook.

There’s nothing attractive about this notebook :wasted:

How much would a used ASUS W3J go for? Specs here


It’s 2 years old and the specs seem decent… I would say around $750, maybe less maybe more.

Thanks for the reply. I actually might get it around for $250-300ish from a good friend. He already has a laptop and just wants to get rid of it. I just want to use it for occasional gaming and mostly internet, typing stuff. Would I be better off getting a more powerful laptop or is the price good enough to justify the purchase?

Vista should be run with 4gb of ram. i havent seen one work good on 2Gb yet. they are always extremely slow.

Go for it, sounds like a great price. It has a 256 mb video card so gaming should be okay. The price is very good to justify the purchase.

Not bad, but if i were you i would save the cash to buy a Macbook later.

Vista works great with 2 GB, thats like the minimum you need. It’s like the equivalent of having 1 GB on XP, you only need 512 but having a 1GB is great and help alot. Same with the 2GB on Vista.

And don’t buy a mac.

I’ve got 2GB on my Compaq F756NR, and Vista worked pretty well… until I downgraded to XP and Ubuntu 8.04. Now we are talking about a decent notebook!! (lots of problem with HP drivers working with XP… fuck HP)

Don’t buy a Macbook until you’re using it for graphical design or something like that…