Is this a good gaming monitor...?


I have been thinking about buying a new monitor just for gaming, with as little input lag as possible…

Is this a good choice? - PHILIPS 220C1SB 22#


Probably best normally if you include a link, But that’s okay.
I don’t think you get HD Lag with monitors or input lag at all.
Unless you’re using this for 360/PC HDMI or something like that if so
See here:
But if this is for PC You should be fine.

EDIT: I take that back, It connects through USB I have no idea, But if you’re looking for a LCD Monitor for PC Probably should go with one that has a regular connector unless you have a older PC and it doesn’t have the input for it.

(I don’t remember what its called off the top of my head)

Normally only newer graphics cards however but you can find a converter piece


Let me tell you again, STOP POSTING YOU MORON. You have no idea what you’re talking about, because of the bullshit that you said you only made the OP more confused. I don’t give a fuck that you have me on ignore, this is for the OP. You can get lag from HDTV’s AND Monitors, neither of them are immune from lag via processing or upscaling. That bullshit he calls a post? Unorganized, wrong and incoherent. You dumbass, do you really think you would connect any video source to a monitor via USB? That’s why you’re a fucking scrub. OP, we have no idea because mostly likely no one has tested the monitor for themselves, you can’t really tell if it’s good or not unless someone has actually put the monitor through work and tried it for themselves. But the thing with the monitor you listed is that it’s max resolution is 1680x1050, which means that any 1080 source that you might want to try will either get downscaled or will not be playable at all. If you really want to look at a list of “accepted” monitors, go check out the HDTV lag thread, where people have tested various monitors/tvs and have listed their recommendations as well.




Get an ASUS monitor if you want minimal input lag. It’s the monitor EVO uses OP.


Oh mah lawd.

Op, I use this Asus monitor myself, and when I use my PS3 with HDMI on it I don’t see any definitive lag. The best I can tell you is, to stick to a common resolution for a console, like 1080p for example, And keep the response time below 3ms.


are there any HD TVs out there that can match monitors/or don’t have import lag around $800-$1000/42"-52" range?


look into Panasonic’s plasmas


NEVER buy a plasma for gaming, LCD’s are what you want, Plasma screens have burn in, meaning your life bars will burn into the top of the screen, leaving a ghost even after you stop gaming.


Well you sure have no clue what you are talking about.


So do CRTs. That doesn’t mean we don’t use them for gaming. It’s not like you’re going to be on the same exact screen with the same exact lifebar for like a month straight; that’s highly implausible. Plus, most plasmas (like the Panasonic Vieras) have anti-burn-in protection anyway.


I might be behind on my information, and I’m not starting an argument, If you own one and its fine then its fine. But the last plasma TV that I owned, albeit that was many years ago when the technology was new. Burned in like a motherfucker. Besides, the OP wants to know about monitors, So lets stick to that.

Edit: Looked up CRT burn in, I’m Damned surprised, I had no Idea.


I’m holding out for the new ViewSonic V3D241wm:

god willing you SHOULD be able to run SF4 at a true 120hz from you 360/ps3.


Well the guy above my response wasn’t…

What year was your Panasonic? Have a 46g10 now and had a 42800u before that. Neither had any burn in after being left on a static screen for over 48 hours straight. You will still get some IR on new models, but no burn in unless left on a static screen for a ridiculous amount of time.

Also if you know of a hdtv, 42" or larger, with lower input lag than panasonic plasmas please post. I have been looking for a new set and haven’t found anything that would justify upgrading.


broken link?


Shit man, I was an early adopter of plasma, I don’t even remember the model number, but if you are looking to upgrade, I can recommend the newest Sony Bravia, the 120Hz one, My parents just got it in the 52 inch flavor and I don’t feel any lag on it, But to each his own.

Fixed link:

Edit 2: Wait what? There isn’t any ViewSonic there bro.


That link goes to the g20 Panny. Is that where he meant it to go?

IDK, I just don’t hear good things about the input lag on newer lcd sets. In between my two Panasonic sets I had a couple Samsung lcds (4071f and don’t remember the model of the other one). To me there was a pretty big difference between the lag on the 800z(was it z or u…) and the 4071f, which was like tripple the price. Maybe if people do some tests on this years models and they turn out as good or better than my g10 I’ll look at going that route.


No Idea about the link, But I’m considering making a video of some type, expressing the lag on different sets, I have an older 32" Bravia that plays with absolutely no lag, I might compare it along side the new Bravia when I get the chance. But I really don’t feel any lag on either.


…monitors don’t EVER connect via USB. WTF crack are you on? You constantly post false information.


whats a good samsung 23 + monitor ?

Everyone says asus but its mainly because evo does it and its affordable which sucks.

Ne word for samsung?