Is this a good stick for PC?

I want a good stick to use for 2df but nothing too pricey since I am not on 2df often.

Is this decent quality or is it garbage?

somehow I feel $30 is a rip off… I must be paying mostly for the 6000 arcade games. lol.

No, that’s not a good joystick. Isn’t it obvious?

Good sticks cost good money. They can easily cost $50+ for stick+buttons, plus board ($25+) and case (varies), not to mention labor of wiring it and costs of shipping.

Anything cheaper uses joystick and buttons subpar to those used in arcades, typically Chinese knockoffs. Often times even worse than standard pads. Trust me, you get what you pay for.

Edit: Holy shit, that seller is packing tens of thousands of dollars worth of pirated games into that sale. Easily grounds for being kicked off eBay… Probably can’t get any justice against him though, he’s located in China (big surprise!)


you have any recommendations for prebuilt?

I’m not looking to spend $100

I will be using it 2 hours a month MAX

ebay could care less they fired most of their staff in recent months

plus the property rights holders have to go after them, I doubt SNK/capcom/konami care much about their 20 year old games. Plus he doesn’t specify that they are roms/illegal or legit copies so there are no grounds for removal.

and he’s not “selling” the games he’s giving them away “free” with purchase of game stick, it’s different.

Depends on what kind of games you want to play.

For fighting games you’d be better off with a gamepad unless you can swing for a stick with good Sanwa parts. Those go for over $100.

Otherwise you could get away with a stick with Happ parts, which go for around $70.

If you want a nice stick for $100 you’re probably going to have to build your own.


According to the user feedbacks, it’s AWESOME…look:

“very very awesome! thanks a heap”

“Just awesome. Totally worth the money. HADOUKEN! A+++”

“Amazing product, Superfast shipping, 100% recommended”

I wonder if these guys have ever seen an arcade stick before?

That’s a mayflash, you can get them for about $30 elsewhere. They’re not very good sticks and require a fair amount of work (including dremeling the case to fit parts) in order to mod, but for the attractive price you could consider it.

If you’re really only planning to use a stick for 2 hours~ per month as you say, I would recommend a hori fighting stick 3. They’re around $40, work with PS3/PC, and shouldn’t break too easily under the light usage you claim you’re going to be using.

That stick is worth it man. I have one and I go to tournaments and people just get defeated left and right because they can’t stop looking at my stick. Everyone offers to buy it off me after I come in first place at all the tournaments here. After I turn them down they just ask for my autograph instead and ask if they can take a picture with me and my stick.

I might JUST buy this one off ebay so that I can re-sell it for like 3,000 dollars. Its worth every penny and since there is an arcade stick shortage people WILL pay the credentials for it, trust me. All the pro’s are looking for this stick man, I got mine when I went to china last year.

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Holy shit, this is the best post in tech talk ever.

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