Is this a good stick for SF

I just started using arcade sticks this year staring with my VFHG. I use to by an advocate of pads until now. Now my conundrum is finding a good street fighter stick. My VFHG is perfect for VF but when i tried to play SF the notches on the stick got in the way. So I hit eBay and got the SFAC arcade stick. The stick was good but the casing it comes in is huge and after about 30 minutes of play it get really uncomfortable . So now I am on the lookout for a good SF stick. I came across the link below and wanted to get the opinions of you guys on rather or not this stick would be a good investment.

yes it is

if you have trouble with the vshg, theres a part you can buy that will make it feel circular

I would just get a custom one from the trading outlet with a happ comp/ultimate stick and sanwa obsfs. Or just get used to the sanwa stick.

Even with the octagonal restricter, you can still feel the sides and it doesn’t work well for 3S.

Its good, but you probably want the one with convex buttons instead. I dunno why that site says they are japanese style, but yeah. MAS is good solid stuff.

isnt there a round one too?

Dude the AC stick is pretty high on the tier list as fas as arcade sticks go(with happ parts inside).

The best part of the stick is its case too! I learned the hard way from experience that ‘small’ and ‘compact’ is Not something you want in a stick. It has to be fairly large enough so you’ll have enough comfortable hand room, and weighty enough to where it stays put and does not flop around during game play.

The SF anniversary stick delivers in that area, and the ease in installing happ parts too. Also keep in mind that the MAS is like the SFAC, in that it has a fairly large casing.

So if you disliked the anniversary stick just for its size, you may not be too happy with the MAS either.

It was mainly the height that irritated me the most. The controls were on point by the stick just sit way to high compared to my VFHG.

the small japanese custom sticks that have tiny boxes are more for lap play, while i think the large box american style is more suited to be put on a table or on the floor. atleast thats how i always viewed it.

only the Sanwa JLW has a round gate, the JLF only has an octagon one.

Why is that? I just bought a octagan restrictor for my JLF. I’m waiting to receive it via mail.

Concave buttons FTL. Replace them with competitions with the quickness.

No way. Competition convex buttons are the best, being easier to contact with which helps reaction time, and reduces screw ups. Also dashing with the buttons is a pain on concave, convex is especially nice to have for this.

-my measly 1 cents on the concave/convex issue.

I’ve always never cared about the size of the stick. I always have it on my lap heh

it doesnt matter the size you usually find a way to solve the problem
maybe two chairs
or the milk crate trick
or a lunch tray