Is this a good stick?

Hello I bought an arcade stick years ago litterally for the look xD. I started using it while playing kof13 and was able to do the 200 trials and more with relative ease. I’m gonna start ssf4 and get ready for sf5, but I wanted to know what you thought of this arcade stick, and if I should get a different one in the future.

Can’t speak to the quality of the case without having it in front of me, but if the parts are what they claim, you should be in business, IMO.

Edit: you might want to invest in a PS4 stick, that said.

Yes i’m looking into a ps4/ps3 hybrid stick. But I don’t know much about them and there seems to be so many. All I know is sanwa and seimijitsu are suppose to be good buttons and sticks right?

Just get a venom ps4 stick

I appreciate the link and the advise guys ^_^. But could anyone explain how a stick is good or bad? And what’s the difference between sanwa, seimijitsu and everything else?

Check out the What Stick/ Controller Should I Buy? thread.

I’d get a Venom to mod if I lived in the UK.

The venom and realarcade pro 4 kai seem like good choices. Modding is for what exactly? Changing the square gate to octagonal and changing the design of the stick?

If you are looking for a empty shell, that stick isn’t bad, but I would gut all the parts.

Every retail commercial PS4 stick is a hybrid PS4/PS3 stick. And the PS4 sticks in PS4 mode works on the PS3 (although only have basic PC controller functions, so no home/PS button support)
PS3 mode works fine on the PS3.

Sanwa and Seimitsu ?

Sanwa more popular their buttons do not require a heavy press (they don’t take alot to press) and the Sanwa JLF is very forgiving when it comes to execution.
Sanwa has the most color options with their Snap-in buttons.

Seimitsu buttons require a tad bit more force to press but not that much more than Sanwa, their joysticks are more precise with their inputs but the trade off is you have to be more precise.
Seimitsu tends to be more popular with shmup players and some Neo Geo fans. Seimitsu has more color options with their Screw-in buttons.

Both brands have clear/transparent parts. The ball tops are interchangeable with each other, with the exception of the JLW-UM-8 joystick all the other joysticks need a bat top adapter for bat tops and 45mm ball tops.
Which ball top to get, if you care about color matching, get the ball top in the same brand as your buttons other wise their no difference.

Your imagination is the limit.

People often swap out, buttons and joystick (not just the gate but the whole joystick), art on the stick, swapping out the controller PCB, Dual-modding, ect

Interesting, so if I wanted to keep my ps3 stick, I could put it on the pro 4 kai stick for example? It would still work on ps4 ? I’m not sure how to do these things, but I would like to keep the stick/gate I already have on my ps3 fightstick, the buttons I don’t really mind but the stick im very comfortable with it.

I got no idea what you are asking here.

Look for the purpose of this conversation lets refrain from calling your controller a arcade stick/ fight stick and just call it an arcade controller.

You want to keep your PS3 Arcade controller, YES?
And you want to use it on your PS4 YES?

Here is your options.
A. Forget about the PS3 controller and get a PS4 controller
B. Get an Adapter/ Converter like the Brook Converter Brook Converters Thread
C. Get your PS3 controller modified with a PS4 controller’s printed circuit board or PCB. You can ether replace one board with another or do what we call here a DUAL-MOD.

i suppose he wants to swap just the joystick from his current controller into the new controller…