Is this a good technique?

Karakusa -> fierce -> karakarakusa

Just keep doing it. I figure at least against beginners it will probably work. Against others is it viable to at least be able to get one fierce->karakara in? Or is the delay to big?

Haven’t been able to try it out in the arcade as I can’t karakara on the sticks there yet.

rather do kusa, fierce xx cancelled hayate, dash in -> karakusa

or sometimes when a guy i know be like pshhh not again :stuck_out_tongue: and i see he isnt holding his stick, after the karakusa, i just karakusa him again :wink: that bit of stun makes a world of difference with SA2

its about the most fun you can have with this game against beginners… if they dont know to jump out or jab you or something, you’ll keep gripin them.

over all, should be used as a mix up, not somehting to do over and over.

most people i know just jump away and take a c. roundhouse to the face instead of another karakusa.

dosent work against ken really, he’ll just jap dp you out of it… but if you wait you might be able to grip him if he wiffs.


after a karakusa, i prefer to just do st.fierce > hayate/EX hayate rather than go for any post-karakusa mixups. landing the command grab is hard enough against good players so i go for the guarenteed damage+stun.

I can almost always land it. There are so many ways to dash in and out and tick it with Makoto.

I mean its not really easy but you should be able to grab at least 3-4 times a round.

as haunts said most ppl jump away, and u can c.roundhouse them… but i like to jab hayate them when they jump away, they go falling, and u can hit them with a fierce hayate again, do another fierce hayate, youre next to your opponent, if he quickrises u can dash under =) tada now thats a mindgame :wink:

not that i found out myself, it was in a makoto vs yang or ibuki vid i think…

karakusa > cr.jab > karakusa etc. until stun
if you wanna play that with newbies =P

sometimes i do karakusa > fierce xx fierce.hayate > hold back on stick and wait. here is what usually happens
-whiffed SRK > PUNISH
-whiffed throw > hayate > karakusa > PUNISH
-they jump away > ex.hayate

now you’d go like… what if they TRIP? well if they decide to trip in this situation they’re most likely newbies, because a karakusa would’ve grabbed the trip.

so why hold back and not block low? because they might throw me and i don’t like being thrown =P