Is this a good TV for gaming?

I’m looking at upgrading my TV, but I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff. Is this a good TV for use with PS2/PS3/Xbox360/DVDs?


it displays at 1080i

for true ps3 gaming get 1080p
keep looking
(correct me if im wrong)

Yeah for PS3 you would want 1080p. If that LG is around your price range then I think this is the least expensive 1080p monitor you can get:

Also depending on your price range you would generally want something with a faster response time to decrease the chances of lag. I think Sony XBR’s have the fastest but then you are looking into the couple of thousands of $ range.

I have that Westinghouse in the link and once in awhile get lag when playing Tekken and 3rd Strike but otherwise the picture is great. I don’t have a PS3 though so can’t comment on that.

If you are not a hardcore gamer that needs the best gaming experience possible the LG you are looking at should work fine. But from my experience working for a cable company I wouldn’t get an LG.

How come? :confused:

I can’t remember any specifics but I remember a lot of people complaining the picture quality wasn’t good and employees of places like Best Buy and Circuit City telling me they don’t last very long. Many of them told me not to buy anything from LG period heh.


ohhhh ok well now i know!
thnx! :tup: :tup:

Check out Westinghouse LCDs. They are top notch gaming LCDs, are true 1080p and are also very inexpensive.

I read that there’s not much point in getting a 1080p tv unless you have a huge screen (like 70in) cause your eye can’t tell the difference anyway. Is that true?

I think your eyes could only tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p is if the tv is larger than 65 inches.

Although, I believe blu ray dvd’s are specifically made to display at the resolution of 1080p, might as well get 1080p now.

On the 360 and PS3 it should be good, but on the PS2 it’s gonna lag.

For a 32" tv, you do NOT need 1080p! it is absolutley useless unless you have 50" or bigger. The LG tv is mediacore. If you are on a budget, I would say check out the Westinghouse LCD. I think you can get a 47" for about 800. But that was a week or two ago. But the Westinghouse comes with 2 HDMI inputs, 2 Components, and whatever which I think is a much better deal. If your like me and end up having most of the systems, your gonna want a least 2 hdmi inputs (one for ps3 and one for the new black 360) compenent for wii and ps2. Then your good to go.

I have a Westinghouse LVM 42W2 and it’s a beautiful monitor. I actually use it as my main PC monitor. I paid 1369.99 CAD for it just before Christmas, and I have no complaints whatsoever.

I also use it for XBOX360 - but not PS3 since I don’t own one. I know there are issues with these (and other LCDs) and PS3s due to HDMI handshaking issues, where the port isn’t synching quickly enough or something along those lines, so it causes weird ish to show up from the PS3. But I understand there are workarounds to resolve this issues.

I also beleive that is for older firmware versions of the Westinghouse, and newer firmware releases of this LCD monitor have fixed that problem.

I use a Samsung DLP and I’ve used a 360 with component on it and a PS3 with component and now HDMI on it and I have no problems.

I checked around for Westinghouse TVs. Future Shop doesn’t carry them, so I went on Best Buy’s site.

Unfortunately, the 32" and 37" models both don’t have HDMI inputs :sad:

PS3 problems aren’t an issue, cause I don’t have one and don’t plan on getting one for a while (like…when the PS4 comes out, if that). I just want my TV to be as optimal as possible with next-gen consoles when I do get them. Right now all I have is a PS2.

Thanks for the advice so far guys.


while I’m on the Best Buy site, I found this TV:


first tv

second tv

3rd tv

all these tv have at least 1 hdmi input and 2 components and the other stuff.

unfortunately, all three of those aren’t available on the canadian Best Buy site :sad:

Arcticninja, all those models listed are not the 1080p models, and are much less desireably than the Westinghouse LVM models.

They used to have a 32" LVM model in stock, which was a GREAT value. I don’t know too much about the 37". I know from all my previous research that the 32" and the 42" modesl are the ones most people have been using for gaming/pc monitor.

Here’s a pic of my 42" being used as a monitor - pic isn’t highest qaulity though - but gives a good representation I think…

oh ya, I bought my LVM 42w2 from BB, but I price matched Crutchfield Canada and got it even cheaper:

Plus I had a coupon for HDTVs so I ended up getting my 42" REALLY cheap.

Here’s a big zip of people using the Westy 37" as a monitor (70megs), collected from hardforum thread.

WHOA- is that Robin Hood for NES? I used to love that game!

that model doesn’t have an HDMI input. Isn’t that a bad thing?

thanks for the info guys