Is this a moddable stick ?!?!?!


I was wondering if anyone has ever modded or owned this stick…Im trying to do an all sanwa mod and dont know if I should purchase it?

Is it durable?


Looks a nice size, only thing you want to think about is depth.

Whats the price?

You can sanwanize cardboard boxes, this looks sturdy enough.

If it was cheap, Id buy it anyway and just experiment on it

!!!ZOMG… cough.

Thanks, its actually an item I found on ebay…heres the link:

Just ask the guy selling it for the depth of the stick before you bid on it. Something around 2 inches is about what you want, I think.

im almost positive thats a mod-worthy stick. someone on this forums modded that once, came out pretty slick too. don’t remember who though.

Looks good to me.