Is this a reccomended course of action?



I’m maining cammy and decided to not Bother with combos for Now and have just focus on staying calm and reacting to what the other player does as well as how to get in on them. I thought was good as Rather than learning and trying to do combos i should learn how to get into a situation where i can do this. I figure its a good idea as i learn some basics and then build on it with combos. Is this ok?


Cammy is better on offense imo. I always have trouble with Cammy’s that use constant Instant Air Drills into block strings and tick throws. I use a character with a teleport and the pressure from a good offensive Cammy can still be difficult to manage

If you just sit back and wait, they know that Cammy only has one reliable Reversal, the Cannon Spike, and if they are smart there are plenty of ways to safe jump and/or bait it out and punish severely



I know cammy is offensive and i play her very offensively. Im just saying that rather than learning extravagant combos im learning how to get up close and get past there blocks as well as exploit there mistakes rather than just learn combos and cant use because i cant do one with them blocking and punishing me.


I think that’s an excellent way to start, honestly.


Ugh, double post.

Anyways, knowing some of her hit confirms into specials will help though.


I do some basic combo’s just nothing to compex


Learn how to hit-confirm. If your jab/short strings are blocked, go for tick throws, frame traps, crossups, another dive kick if you think they will grab or crouch tech, or do nothing/backdash if you think your opponent is mashing a reversal.

If you end up doing a spiral arrow on block, FADC it to make it safe.


That’s not a bad idea for getting started. Learning your characters options for responding to to certain situations (how to get around fireballs, how to deal with jump ins, etc.) as well as options to get in yourself will give you a solid foundation.

Until you are more comfortable, you should stick with simple combos. I would at least know a good combo or two for punishing blocked/missed specials and for following up focus attacks ( xx spiral arrow and hp xx cannon spike are good examples). For Cammy, learning to use cannon strike effectively will be important for getting in and pressuring.

At a higher level Cammy is a better offensive character, but especially if you are just getting started it is important to learn the basics rather than running in blindly. Once you get more comfortable you can try to figure out safer ways to pressure the opponent (hit confirms, tick throws, etc) and work bigger combos into your game.


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Also, it’s not a bad idea getting used to cannon spike, her throw range, pokes, etc. When you feel comfortable and understand the basics you should learn a couple combos…


this is whatim doing its kinda working out for me but you need to put the work in training mode to get the combos


thanks for the replies. its been a while and im a bit better but not great. Still get a little spazzy when i try to do combos and mess up. any ways to fix that?


You might be trying too hard to do the combo. Go into training mode then keep doing the combo to really get a feel for the timing so you won’t have to think about it. Also, I’d break the combo down into 2 or 3 parts doing only 2 hits at a time to really make sure you get it. I find myself messing up all time when I try to do the combo instead of feeling it. That could just be me but to help get over that I played arcade mode to practice combos. Now, I mess up less ,and im not afraid to go for them.


i have been putting them into different steps to get a feel for them. i think i should do what you said and practice in arcade so i wont get all nervous/anxious and mess up