Is this a record?

Go here and download the fourth set of matches (the first one that’s actually downloadable, with the blue square):

Watch the final match. And answer me this:

SBO '07 Qualifier


Have you seen a match where the same move is used more than THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT TIMES?!?!?! (I just counted)

erroe 404

but to answer your question, no, maybe Choi in ST with Sagat

Fixed. Check it out, totally ridiculous.

Has anyone counted the Tigers in the Choi match?

choi vs kurahashi wasnt even remotely close to being this ridiculous. this stupid match lasted almost 4:30. thats unprecedented in a sf2 game. you can have 5 matches in that time period. hell, you can finish a fucking cvs2 match faster lol. that had to be the most dull 4 and 1/2 minutes i ever spent watching a match. before i watched this, the gayest shit ive seen were old cvs2 matches from 2001 with cole vs a canadian player(name slips my mind for some reason) where they sit in oposite corners for about 40 seconds sitting in defensive crouch the entire time. and i thought that was retarded, but not anymore