Is this a strong enough case for at least one mass joystick maker to make ambidextrous fight sticks?

Just sayin’, the twin stick layout proposed just looks like this classic playstation twin stick

and even this saturn stick which can have its stick module moved from left or right position :

as for all that beeshu discussion, honestly, beeshu is a pile of clunky shit. Sanwa made the Pasoko-1000 for various systems including the Famicom via an official adaptor cable. All genuine arcade parts as opposed to beeshu which had none (pasoko had sanwa jl-b originally) .
jl-b in the first, ls-32 in the second
SANWA%20PASOKO-1000%20fightstick%20(joystick%20is%20SANWA%20JL-B%20)%20 SANWA%20PASOKO-1000%20fightstick%20(original%20sanwa%20jl-b%20replaced%20by%20seimitsu%20ls-32%20)RIMG0580

construction is very simple btw

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I almost want to get one of theses, Real arcade parts, all metal construction.

Also the PS1 Twin Mission stick is Hella awesome.

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My main question is if my story is attractive and can appeal to some people, and all you have to do is double discrete wiring and add a ninth button, do you believe that if it’s slight more expensive, and heard my advertising campaingn about how I and 4 of my friend were combined 30-0 perfect right handed against Zophar 321 it may be worth a try.

A different forum on SRK showed there were different assumptions about “what is lefty gaming” Lefty is standardly defined in Baseball, hand writing, and Golf. When Jamma was made, if you believe the owner conspiracy in the Fact Hunt video, that left-stick default is used to shorten credits 1985- games, what was assumed to be a rightie stick.

Also ambidexterity is practical in Mini Golf fr 2 reasons. 1) so no one waits for the lefty or rightie clubs when busy and 2) sometimes an obstacle might force someone to chose a gymnastic on-handed putt and a goofy-handed putt with a ore standard putting stance. Your choice depends on how gymnastic you have to be to get the shot vs how accurate you are at a given distance goofy-handed.

Also, you don’t have to be married to left or right and for 10% more, you cover both. There are enough SRKers who see the advantage of right handed players playing Street Fighter 2 with right-stick, and then going back to right-button on SF5. Also left-sticking vertical manual-rapid-fire shooter benefit a right-stick player like me, if rapid firing is more important than dodging.

Let me ask a question I asked on another SRK forum to show handedness is more fundamental to get right vs exact contour and materials and craftsmanship. You get to golf against Tiger Woods in his prime for big stakes, and to make things fair, he’ll handicap himself in one of 2 ways. Assuming same payout either way, would you force Tiger to use inferior house clubs and other equipment, or let him keep his favorite brand of equipment, but force him to use opposite-handed clubs?

I say goofy-hand him. If you agree, you see my point. Anyone want to take the other argument? What’s easier to get used to, foreign equipment not optimized for you but familiar enough to be recognized as a mainstream vanilla design, but , or goofy-handedness.

I think a lot of off the shelf people will pick an ambidexterous joystick over a one-way stick if the prices are close enough. If an ambi-stick was twice the cost of a one-way stick, then only people who find stick-right useful beforehand will buy it, which is a lot smaller market.

One last benefit of the “Skylanders licensing model” you can have small run hobbyist editions for older consoles, and unless fight sticks radically change in mechanics in the next generation (unlikely), you can buy the upgrade add-on for future systems and not have to buy the joystick again.

This setup will work with everything except Colecovision. To make it work with Colecovision you need more wiring and a corresponding ground with each button. Unless there’s a partnership with a Coleco related company, like Retrovision Phoenix as a Neo HDMI Colecovision, or lots or preordrers, would 18 extra wires for center to top and bottom for individual button grounds make it too expensive for people who don’t care about Colecovision. (over 90% of potential aucdience) I don’t know how much cost there is for wire and labor installing those wires. if it’s less than 5% more cost added to the joystick price, probably yes. If it’s 50% more, probably not.