Is this a suitable online combo?



Finally got it down pat, and want to know if anyone can provide real world use for it.
It doesn’t eat alot of meter.

Reset Combo #1:
j.HP (or j.HK) > HP > SRK+LK (+LK) > c.MK > QCB+HK [Damage: 200+298 (498) | Stun: 760 | Cost: None]



the fuck am i reading here? so…after hp, it’s a demon flip to crouching mk?




It will be very difficult to hit someone with just a straight up j. HK into s.HP if they know what they are doing.

Also s.HP to demon flip is not a goodreset because it extremely easy to escape from. This also isn’t a combo because the opponent can escape, a combo is a series of moves that can’t be blocked because of the rapid succession they are in.

Take a look at the gouken combo thread to see some suitable BnB’s, watch some videos, and try not to make threads just to ask a question.


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Assuming you land a heavy attack jump in(not impossible despite what PongBoom said), all it takes is for the opponent to block the flip and you just gave them 100 frames to decide how to kill you. Why not continue the combo with a palm, fireball or tatsu right there? I think of it this way: Gouken gets less opportunities to do a big combo than a lot of other characters because of his slow normals, fairly slow jump, low hit stun on most attacks, a below average low-to-special combo, and huge hurtbox. When I am hitting my opponent, I am going to continue hitting them until I can’t hit them anymore and meter is usually how I’m doing it.

However, if you have your opponent nervous or hesitant, your reset could work but it really depends on the quality of your opponent.


yeah, if i know my opponent doesn’t know the match-up, i’m going for blood pound for pound. street-fight status. gouken MAY be slow but once he gets in on that ass, he goes fast and hard.


We need to get some matches in again soon. I want to see what new sickness you are using so I can steal it lol.


lol man i just moved back to NY and haven’t gotten all my stuff but i’m gonna try to get my ps3 tomorrow. shit i forgot the last time i was signed on lol


Yeah this seems like a standard reset. It’s a two part combo though. And during reset into dive kick you should be wary that a reversal SRK from ANY character with an SRK nets them a guaranteed punish no matter which open you choose (parry, throw, sweep, or dive kick). Also, if they block the dive kick option and you crouch mk xx tatsu, you’re gonna eat a huge punish if you don’t FADC the tatsu.

Resets from demon flip are great though; especially when you’ve already been applying consistent pressure and/or damage to your opponent already, because the initial instinct is to block a lot after dealing with a lot of pressure.


Much appreciated. After trying to use it online, I’ve found setups that allow for the combo to achieve it’s maximum impact. It’s good when I apply corner pressure mainly. Any sort of Skoryuken sends the entire combo off balance, so I gamble a little when playing a Shoto or another kybrid shoto like Gouken.

Thanks for the help, SRK.


Use Point blank EX Flip when you do GF, As it can make most reversals miss.