Is this a weird thing?

So my anxiety is eating me alive (and probably literally) and of course I’m a junior in high school, worried about my future. I was thinking about how angry I am and everything, but I realized I want to be a massage therapist xDxD ( don’t laugh at me!) But I’m really scared to tell my dad and actually embarrassed, since it seems like a soft kind of thing to do lol. Is it weird though? My dad wants me to be a judge nd my grandma wants me to be a doctor, but I’m not smart enough to do those and I just can’t handle much with this anxiety. I feel like my life span is about to go down 80 years because of it xD

No, it’s not weird. :slight_smile: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are all born geniuses.

I’m operating under the assumption this isn’t a troll thread. It’s not weird, but it’s not a long-term career choice. Many massage therapists burn out after a few years.

It’s exceedingly taxing on the wrists, and you’ll encounter a lot of disgusting, dirty people (if not at your spa, certainly in school). My wife went through almost all of the schooling, but they made it so she’d have to travel with a football team in order to finish. She said, fuck it. As that was 6-7 years ago, she’d likely be done with the job by now anyway.

If you’re insistent on pursuing it, just have a lot of pros ready to hit your dad with if he regards you with skepticism.

Go to school to be a radiologist or xray tech.

You still get to encounter all the smelly disgusting people you can handle, AND you get to make real money.

Plus you can stay being an undercover faggot.

My parents wanted me to be a teacher. But you know what? YOU’RE the one who’s going to have to work whatever job you work for god knows how many years of your life. Might as well make it something you’re interested in rather than wake up every morning wanting to slit your wrists. I had to have that conversation with my parents too and endure years of them gently hinting that I should go back to school, and it sucked, but fuck that. If you know what you want to do, DO IT! But go hard or go home. Don’t half ass it, because you’ll just give them more reason to give you shit about your choices.

You could get a gig on the cruise ship giving massages, but you could also go to school for sports therapy and make some decent money. I’m sure that combined with the massage certification could lead you to being seen as valuable.

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Make a living massaging supermodels. Coping a feel and cashing checks? YES!!!


Hello Brother, and welcome to the forums. We always appreciate new believers who come here to reaffirm their faith in Jesus even in the face of overwhelming adversity.
Just remember that God gave you hands to do good work.
It is by his divine and masterful design that your arms are the perfect length to masturbate. This is a kind of self massage that is very popular with young and old alike.
Masturbation is a wonderful way of alleviating stress and getting to know yourself better, as well as develop skills that will be invaluable throughout your personal and professional life. Show your enthusiasm and work with your parents and try to find something that suites both of you. Consider a career in sex therapy, therapists often have medical degrees, but the job will allow for the kind of intimacy you need in your life. Remember, when God closes a door, he opens two windows.
God bless