Is this an okay topic to post and where do I post it?


I am pretty new to message boards and online stuff. So far I did a post poll asking which games people would like to see in arcades. I was asked to edit it but I can’t seem to find the how to edit my post?
Also I was curious if general discussion are allowed here. Like for example there was a post I read that was title how do we make fighting games better? I didn’t know if I was allowed to post a topic about how I feel the FGC could benefit from arcades. Basically being an older gamer I met a lot of my friends in arcades and now only place I meet them is conventions. I didn’t know if I was allowed to post my reasons why the FGC would benefit from Arcades coming back. Or is that topic inappropriate for this site?


That’s a pretty typical thread topic for Fighting Game Discussion. It’s not necessarily a novel topic but its appropriate.