Is this combo against alex only?



i believe i landed this on urien as well. but it’s just this simple combo :

mp xx mk chicken > mp xx mk chicken > mp xx ex tengu > and’s until the wall and mp xx mk chicken > mp xx mkchicken > mp xx

i know this is not possible with yun yang hugo but is it possible against most chars? against shotokans i try to tap the mps late, but the second last mp doesn’t seem to hit it ever.


This works on Yun and Yang if they’re slightly in the air when you hit them with the first launcher. It works on Hugo in the corner. And it works on everyone else no matter what.


JinraiPVC, glitch which shit now? Do you know some secret puzzlefighting technique?


It’s not exactly a secret to any high-level Puzzle Fighter player.

Click here.


Another good option after the EX Tengu is to do chicken combo, but finish with s.jab. From here you have a few options…

  • Dash forward and do one of the following:
  1. Low forward into command grab (see the May 6 Game-Newton tournament, Tama uses this to finish off Arlieth).

  2. s.fierce or UOH (fierce does more damage, UOH also beats tech-throw attempts and keeps the pressure on).

  3. s.strong into another chicken combo (if they like to parry low or stick out jabs/shorts). To be safe, you can just do the strong, and if it hits follow up with medium DP or s.strong into superjump roundhouse. S.forward into command grab also works here, as well.

  4. Throw.

  5. Backdash, then s.roundhouse. This punishes tech-throw attempts; for more damage but FAR higher risk you can use kara-command grab instead. Inoue seems to be especially good with this, look at the first part of SBO2 Kyushu qualifiers to see what I mean.

  • Another thing you can do after the jab is immediately jump forward and do one of the following:
  1. j.forward. This is for characters that can be crossed up in the corner. Follow up with throw or backdash->roundhouse, etc. Note that it can be ducked under if you don’t delay it a bit, though.

  2. j.fierce. This can’t be ducked under, without any need for delay. Again, follow with similar mixups.

  3. Parry. Obvious, as they do get a chance to perform a DP or such.

  4. Double-jump. Another way of messing with people who like to DP.

  5. Empty jump -> throw. Pretty simple here.

  6. Empty jump -> backdash -> s.roundhouse. Again, pretty simple.

  7. Do chicken kick as you’re about to land. Messes up people who like to parry, gets you another chicken combo.

Generally it’s better to stick with dashing forward, as the jumping one leaves you at higher risk. Don’t forget about it, though.



that’s a lot of options @_@

i usually go for dashin throw for the stun or low-forward > command grab after the last jumping hit

but ya i’ll try the other ones and see how they work
thx for the infos


Yep, that’s the beauty of it, there are so many things Oro can do, including some others I left out of there…

Additionally, after doing any chicken combo that knocks down, you can watch for them to tech roll. If they do, jump towards them and do chicken feet as you’re about to land. If they try to parry, or let go of block at all, they’ll likely get hit…again, check out the recent videos of Inoue, he lands this a LOT.



Yeah, I was playing some guys and they were good, you could tell, but I was destroying them with Oro, really cause he’s an obscure character and people never usually play him. I was down to one pixel of life though and I played a someone’s Dudley. I got him with a mp launcher, blablablabalbla, then did jab, dash to the other side and relaunch to ex tengu bullshit for the win. Still though, this reset is oro’s most basic reset, he didn’t block it cause he’s never seen it before. How do I gauge if a player will fall for this or not? If the person is maybe high tier, this reset is obvious so he will block this for sure, which would make me dash to the otherside, then walk to the same side relaunch. How would you guys react after a the jab reset? I want to know how to gauge shit like this, because that jab reset is risky, I don’t want to lose matches in evo because of it.


maybe after you reset with jab you shoul use just a throw instead of the mp launcher? the most probably is that he will think that you will launch so he’ll block and then it’s throw time. other thing to do after the reset i do not know. (or at least do crouching mk then HCF+p)


OK, the jab reset at midscreen…

Basically, after the jab, you immediately dash forward. Then, walk either left or right a little bit. This determines which side the opponent will land on, and it is extremely difficult to react to this and block right every time.

On most characters, if you just stand still after the dash, they’ll look like they’ll switch sides but not do so. On some (i.e. Tweleve, Alex) it’s almost random where they’ll land if you stay still.

I personally find it to be quite useful if you don’t have meter for Tengu/unblockables, as another landed chicken combo is usually enough to fill up the bar.



I call this the Hungbee mixup. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it can be defeated by option-selecting a “just-defend” block or parry. Guess right, get a parry. Guess wrong, get a block.

To get around this, you could either throw or go for a d.MK XX HCB+P. If you throw, you would’ve done more damage by just finishing the chicken combo with an MP uppercut. Going for the d.MK takes more time than going for the launch, and if you’re not careful the command grab will whiff.


Fuck, sometimes, Oro just can’t hang, I feel a lot of the time that I have a weak time with yun, he just fucks me hard. I got peaced out by Ken and Yun at a recent svgl tourney. What are Oro’s worst match ups. I’m thinkin about pickin up Makoto which I’m decent at and Alex, cause he’s tight. Does Mak or Alex cover up Oro’s bad match ups?


i think alex has an equally rough time against yun
but he’s better wit ken than oro i suppose

and both ken and yun is tough for makoto imo


Jinrai: Ah, yes, good info. One thing, though. Isn’t the parry window much smaller if you don’t move the stick to neutral? You could take advantage of this by delaying your strong and seeing if they move forward.

And for ThyAllMighty, Ken is probably Oro’s one truly BAD matchup. Everyone else is quite beatable, but top and 2nd-tier characters (as well as other shotos) really make you have to work.



I dunno, I have an easier time against Ken than against Chun Li. I can generally out-poke Ken with Oro, but Chunners is just an evil whore.


Haha, the Ken players must not be whoring low strong. Oro has literally not a single ground move that beats that. Best thing you can do it try to bait it and punish whiffs with s.roundhouse…still, you have to guess right a lot more than he does to win.

I used to hate Chun, too, until I learned that Oro can beat just about everything in her ground game with something of his own. Here’s how it goes:

  • His s.roundhouse beats her far roundhouse and f+roundhouse

  • Her s.fierce and b+fierce lose to his low forward (have to be a little far away, she’ll kinda lunge forward into his foot).

  • His UOH beats her low strong, low forward, and kara-throw. Kara-cancelling his far s.forward into it gives it extra range, but just doing it normally reduces the startup.

  • Misc: His far s.forward also beats her low forward (not too useful because you have to be at max range or else you’ll get hit). Short chicken feet beats throws (gets you a knockdown and breathing room, but if it’s blocked she gets free low forward into super).

  • Meaty close s.roundhouse is the one major problem, his EX uppercut is the only move that beats that.

So basically it’s a guessing game for both of you, and about an even matchup until Chun gets a super. When this happens, be ready with UOH’s; not only do they beat low forward, but if she hits you out of it with something else she can’t combo super (due to you being airborne). The risk lies in being parried, so be sure to throw in his low forward (remember, it beats her b+fierce which also easily combos into super). And this should go without saying, but I’ve forgotten about it before so I’ll say it here: DO NOT THROW FIREBALLS WHEN SHE HAS METER.

It’s her okizeme that gives her the best chance of landing super. When in doubt, block low (I wouldn’t even recommend trying to tech a throw, as that can give her close roundhouse into super). UOH into super is pretty range/timing specific, and with enough practice you can learn to react to UOH anyway. This is actually one area where SA2 has a major advantage over 3: Do reversal EX uppercut cancelled into jab Yagyou Dama. If it hits, you have a chance for an unblockable (reset her with j.jab, dash to the other side, and go for a quick guard break), and if it’s blocked you’re safe and have a chance to get away from her.

Hope all this helps,


Wow thanks for the strats.

Man I forgot all about Freakin’ Ken is too good for his own good.

I didn’t know I could reset off ex oni xx SA2. I do know it’s only safe if your opponent doesn’t to hit you after blocking the oni but before the super comes out.


Hm, I see. Thanks for the tip.

And yes, EX uppercut into SA2 is awesome. On every character except Chun and Makoto it gives you a GUARANTEED unblockable if it hits, and on those two you can still use that reset.