Is this combo even possible?



Hi ninjas,

For the sake of me, I can’t find the video but I swear I saw Kiryu do a combo with HP xx “instant” run stop xx HP xx whatever… I’ve tried it in training room, and it seems impossible to land. I can land 1 frame combo 60% of the time but this one seems impossible. To me the combo seems very practical seems I don’t like spending ex to punish and outside of the corner this combo would be a killer punisher since it must do tremedous damage. Plus, in tournament, landing this combo consitantly as a simple punisher to someone who simply whiffed something or was crouch tech at the wrong moment would be a moral killer.

So, is this combo possible ? Any secret tricks to land it ? Can you please confirm to me how much damage does it do ?

Thanks in advance mate, Osu.


It’s on counter hit that’s why