Is this combo possible?

Corner: Jumping HP–>Standing HP–>Charge B then F+P/KxxSA I–>Crouching LK–>Charge B then F+P/KxxSA I–>Crouching LK–>Charge D then U+HK

Is it?

Um… I don’t think connects after SA1. C. sp or s.sp might, and then you may be able to make them try to parry it after the reset, but I’m not positive about that either.

Stangely, the only thing that can connect after an SAI is another SAI. Nothing else will.

what the fuck?

well first, that combo is impossible.

second, after SA I, the following can connect: CBK, RRF, LOV, not just SA I. Except they wont connect if you are standing and the opponent is standing as well, the opponent either has to be in the air or you have to be far as the opponent gets hit by the SA I, then dash forward and attack as the SA I hits

Ah OK thanks guys!

You mean in the corner?
Acutally, you can flash kick (normal or EX) if you time it well enough.

I’ve seen SA1,, SA1 on a standing char.

Oh my mistake, maybe I was just too close when I was trying it out. It makes sense that it would work if are further back, more time to recover as the last LOV hits.

If you want a pretty sick combo then I think this one is

Be right outside of standing close MP range, UOH, link a crouching MP, SA1/SA2

wow…so sick…:rolleyes:

Howbout: on a crouching opponent- low short tick (or partitioned equivalent),,, razor kick/sonic boom(safer).

Yea, I like quick n partitioned combos like that, they keep the opponent guessing, take damage, and don’t use up a SA.

The combo posted earlier is easily parried or blocked after the MP cause the UOH isn’t that fast to connect, unless the opponent cant parry for shiet or even block…the only really safe part of that combo is the last two parts, (cr mp xx SA). I like saving my SA until really crucial times, and usually use the EXs throughout the match…but thats just me.