Is this correct?



So I’ve been playing Rufus for a while now on PS3.

I recently went to my first tournament in which almost all of the machines were also PS3, and I came in 7th which was pretty rad. I noticed that the only two matches I lost were on XBox. I thought my execution was faltering because of nerves as I moved up the bracket, and didn’t think much of it.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday in which I went to WNF with a friend of mine (in which all of the machines are XBox). I’m using my friend’s stick and am noticing that my standing short is not coming out after dive kick. Like…at all. I know I’m timing it right, it’s just not coming out. My Rufus is basically just dive kicking and then eating a throw or crouch jabs because even my throws are not coming out (or when they do come out, they’re grabbing air). I go 0-2 and look like a complete moron because of this, and am stumped.

Then my friend informs me of something that I guess is common knowledge, which is the 2-frame input lag on PS3 (which I initially thought was more of a hoax than anything else). Thus, all of the execution timing I’ve been learning is “early” when I get to XBox. So my throws try to grab characters in block stun or don’t come out at all, and my standing shorts don’t come out at all as well.

This is pretty discouraging considering I’ve put a lot of time into this game and this character only to find out that I’ll have to invest a pretty significant chunk of change to play it on a platform that is more standardized than the rest (not to mention stick modding costs).

Any advice? Or is this a, “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” scenario?


Because short timing off of divekicks are 100% visually confirmed due to the height changing the timing, going back and forth with systems is tough. And couple that with a 1 frame bnb, I think Rufus is one of the harder characters to swap systems with.

If I know I’m traveling to an event that’s on PS3, I’ll usually play only on PS3 for at least the week leading up to it.

Sucks to say… but that’s just the way it is. :frowning:


Figured as much. Thanks for affirming it.

So one solution that was presented to me was double tapping the stand short. If not that, I should basically just hit stand short later than usual, no? I mean on XBox.


I have the same problem when I go from xbox to ps3 I eat Dps all day when I go back to xbox whiffed grabbed.


I have the exact same problem. I play on PS3 normally but when I have played at tournaments it has been on 360. I press buttons too early, like not getting st.LK after dive kick, mistiming anti-airs… that sort of thing. If you have the choice I’d recommend you play as much casuals as you can before the tournament starts and you should adjust to the timing.


It’s actually a big relief to hear you guys say that. I guess casuals before a tourney would be the best course of action. I’m trying to find a way to get the PC version on my Mac so I can at least practice the timing in my spare time. Thanks for the replies.


yeah you should definitely implement doubletaps anyways

while it’s still noticeable, at least doubletapping helps mitigate it a bit