Is this ebay "Combat-king" stick moddable with seimetsu/sanwa parts?

So hey, I want a ps2 stick and was wondering if anybody has bought this stick and knows if it can be modded with quality parts?

Yeah… I’d ignore that if I were you. Shipped from Hong Kong as well…

Why not just get a £24 Brawlstick instead? Those things were designed to be upgraded.

He’s looking for a PS2 stick, so a brawl stick would need to undergo a mod before it would have PS3 compatibility.

BigCojones, I would recommend you try to locate one of the Namco sticks for PS1(they work on PS2 as well), but I believe it takes a bit of work to swap the joystick. The buttons should be pretty straightforward, however the Quick disconnects on them may need to bent to allow for them to fit. You could still solder to the buttons if you didn’t want to use quick disconnects(or didn’t want to bend them). However, the stock parts in the Namco are supposedly of high quality, according to many reputable members here.

You’re right, completely missed that.

Thx for the replies.

I’ll see what I can do to get one of those namco sticks. Seem kind of rare and some are asking 60-70 bucks for one which seems kind of expensive. Is it worth that much?

There is one in UK that has the starting bid of 20 quid, but we’ll see if hes willing to ship to Finland…

But anyway no one has really answered my original question. Can that stick be updated easily??

Or is the common opininon that that stick sucks ass hair??? I mean it’s not that expensive and it is readily available.

Shipping from Honk Kong is something i’m able to take a chance with as I live in Finland and it really doesn’t matter if it’s from Hong Kong or the US.

Thx guys.

I don’t remember a single thread for modding on this series of sticks.

Either a Mayflash or the “Wrestle Joystick” (the one with Tekken art) would be a better bet for tutorials.

Other sticks than the Namco to look out for are: HRAP 1/2, Konami Hyper Stick, Sega Virtua Stick PS2 (sadly all are hard to find cheap).

Keep looking on the auction sites…

Deals do happen with some of these sticks from time-to-time. It’d be cheaper to buy them IF you lived in Asia, but that’s not an option for most of us. High shipping costs to get them to you quick is a fact of life…

A few years back – 2010, to be exact – I saw a lot of HRAP 2’s going on sale on e-Bay during summertime for ridiculously low amounts – around $25 in many cases believe it or not. It’s not impossible however unlikely to find one for under $100. Under $50 is a lot less likely.

The American market PS2 controller you will most likely find for $40 (American) or less used is the Tekken 5 10th Anniversary joystick. It has an HRAP-style body but is NOT an HRAP joystick. It uses Hori parts for the joystick and buttons. The stock buttons are awful but the stock joystick itself is decent and serviceable. It you’re good with tools – Dremels are very helpful, files are useful to own, and you definitely need a soldering iron --, the case is worth modding for higher-end arcade parts… especially the pushbuttons. Be aware that if you want to save the stock Hori PS2-compatible PCB that you WILL have to desolder the stock buttons… They’re soldered directly into the PCB. The PCB itself is easily modded with Quick Disconnect lines for higher-quality 30mm plug-in or screw-in buttons.

The off-brand Asian market joystick that is PS2-compatible is the Mayflash but not a lot of people here like that joystick. Components are strictly third-party and inferior to Hori parts. The PCB does have PS2/PS3 compatibililty but there have been issues with the PCB in the past. (Hori PCB’s are far more reliable.) Many people here have modded Mayflash cases with higher-end arcade parts.

Very, very difficult to find a pro-level joystick let alone build one with quality parts for under $100 today.
Especially for the PS2 which is dying in most sectors except for hardcore gamers…

PS2 controllers got snapped up because of their compatibility with many adapters for different systems. They were especially “upwardly compatible” with the PS3. 2009 was the year (blame Capcom and SFIV) the gate broke on PS2 controllers and when they started becoming much rarer. People that were thinking ahead or kept these joysticks as keepsakes ended up saving themselves quite a bit of money. You can get adapters to use PS2 joysticks with just about every major console system made within the last 17 years!

I put a bid down on a Namco stick. I will kick some serious ass if someone from here comes and snatches it from under my nose! :slight_smile:

I actually have a HRAP coming already. It’s the arcana heart 2 one. Do you know if the buttons are okay? I hear they are hori buttons. Stick is Sanwa.
I just want another stick so my friends can play…

Kikimaru, I saw you had a Red HRAP looking stick on the 6-buttons thread. It has a wierd button layout. Is it the arcana heart stick aswell?

I hear you GeorgeC on the adapters for different consoles. Problem is the only console I would want to use my ps2 stick on would be a Saturn, but the saturn adapters are really hard to come by.

I might want to get a custom stick made by someone that supports both the saturn and the ps2 and maybe the 360. The saturn virtua stick is pretty shitty. The buttons get stuck and are pretty horrible and I hear modding that stick is a pain in the ass. This would propably be my best bet, but well have to see how things fold out. For this project would it be better for me to wait for the ps360 board?

Back to original topic though. I remember reading a thread here where someone said that the combat-king with the street fighter art (which looks terrible btw) can’t be modded with quality parts but one just like the one I was reffering to only with white buttons can. That one looks pretty identical to this one. I might just get it for the hell of it. It isn’t that expensive. Let my friends play on that one. Maybe check the insides and mod it if the parts are truly horrible.

Is the T5 an easy stick to mod? Judging from your post I need to dremel and shit and make quick disconnects and get the buttons from a pcb and etc. Sounds like a hassle. I have no modding experience what so ever. My dad however propably has the tools to do it at his place.


P.S. Wouldn’t you know just when I start my ps2 revival and get all the fighting games. They announce GGAC+ on xbla and psn. I just bought it last week for 20£. :slight_smile:

Nope, that was a regular HRAP 1; I changed the colour with vinyl dye so that’s why it looks so good :wink:

OMG!!! Dont buy this stick ,it’s not worth 46£…
it’s only cost you about 200RMB(about 20£) at
also there have a full sanwa part model , its cost about 500 rmb


I won a namco stick. :smiley:

NXplayer, how do you expect me to navigate that site?! I don’t understand one symbol chinese, Can you put up some links on ps2 sticks you find there. would be greatly appreciated. thx

You’re in for a treat with the Namco stick. I had one and got rid of it years back…and I regretted doing that so much that I a new boxed one down and paid through the nose for it a while back. I have a Hori HRAP with all Sanwa parts in it, and I still prefer the Namco. The parts feel every bit as rugged and durable, and I actually think they’re more comfortable (for me at least). They are also among the most beautiful sticks out there…the parkerized grey looking finish with yellow buttons is just really classy and sharp looking.

Combat-king is moddable, everything is moddable if you try hard enough to look for a solution.

The question should of been is it worth it to mod this [S]piece of shit[/S] Combat-King stick?

Rule of thumb if the stick is valued at less than $50 US ( aprox £ 31.50) then more than likely the stick is not worth buying.
To mod the stick you are going to put at least as much as you spend for the stick to mod it.

vorlonesque, I hear ya. The namco seems like a very beloved stick with all the appreciation threads and all going around. You liking it more than your hrap… wow. We’ll see which one i’ll like better, as I will soon also have a hrap and a namco. :slight_smile:

Darksakul. That was one question I kind of was asking aswell, cuz of course you guys would let me know. :wink: From the picture the case seems wooden so I don’t know if it might be worth it. Problem is really looking like that no one here has ever owned one to REALLY know.

Good choice on the Namco. Much better than the Generic King with Chun Li vag shot. Congrats.

Besides everything else mentioned in this thread, the thing looks like it’d cost you a whole hell of a lot more in the long run to actually make it usable. Also, its going to attract fingerprints like crazy.

What the hell is a Chun Li vag shot? :smiley: But yeah thx guys.

Here is my approach to buying ANYTHING.
[]You often get what you pay for
]If it seems too good to be true, it often is
[*]If you going to sink money into good parts, its worth making sure the base stick is worth it too.
Wooden cases are (in general) not bad, some people prefer them as wood reduced and absorbs more nose than plastic and metal cases.
I seen some great wooden cases, made custom, for DIY projects and for a few rare retail sticks.

Most people follow the rule that if the default stick is too cheap or takes too much work to mod they don’t bother with it.