Is this fight stick worth it?


I got this fight stick because it was 30 dollars off. I plan on paying to have it duel modded. How much will that cost? No, I can’t do it myself. I have no experience or soldering nor have the tools. I have a few days to return it and I was wondering if I got a good deal or should I order something better that is already duel modded off the internet. I know nothing about fight sticks.


This is a really top of the line market fightstick with all Sanwa parts.

You got a good deal for it.

For dual-modding, buy the Cerberus board (It’s a solderless solution to dualmodding) from Phreak since you have no experience in Soldering. $40 a pop.


$40 for the cererbrus board and then have someone install it on top of that? what will the total cost be? What makes this a good stick? I dont even like tekken SF ha. The fact people hate the game probably will decrease the resale collector value as well no? I shouldn’t wait for that new Tekken tag 2 Stick? It will be 30 more, but how much better will the tekken stick be?


The art itself isn’t usually that big of a deal for people, since a lot of people end up re-skinning their sticks anyway. The Cerberus board was a suggestion specifically if you want to try your hand at the dual-mod yourself; it’s the easiest board to do so, since it’s pretty tool/skill free (you just need to be able to read instructions well, more-or-less). If you’re dead-set on getting it modded by someone else, you need to ask around for modders in your area and get that priced; you’re looking at a fair bit of change in labor costs alone, but usually the modders will have a preferred board they want to install (and may even have one on-hand); they’ll be able to figure out how much the total cost for the job’s gonna be, but it’s not gonna be less than the $40 for the Cerberus board.

The stick you’ve got is a great stick. Use it, love it, get it modded or mod it yourself; they retain their value pretty damn well in my experience (the Sanwa parts go a long way for that). Most people who buy sticks second-hand (in my experience) are prioritizing for good parts and a good case in good repair, and the art is just kinda secondary.


There’s going to be few major differences to the TTT2 stick. Basically just non-slip padding on the bottom plate to keep it from slipping in your lap.

The parts are the same.

and with the Cerberus, I highly doubt you’re going to need someone to install it for you. It’s got a nearly brain-dead installation process, I think you could handle it.


Seriously brain dead instructions. In other words if you cannot install a cerberus board you are stupid, no lie. Think of it as buying a tv stand from a store and just following the instructions except much much much easier.
Seriously these new boards that are being put out are making modders more and more irrelevent.


You have just made me want to smack my face on the desk right now…

1st. The Cerberus board is a solderless solution. Didn’t I say that earlier? So why the heck would you need someone else to install that!!! So $40 dollars+Shipping&Tax final.

2nd. I told you this stick has all Sanwa parts, JLF joystick, buttons, etc. If you don’t know what Sanwa is, Sanwa is practically the Japanese parts that are used in the authentic real deal Japanese Arcade Cabinets. The fight stick even has a convenient PS3 or 360 guide button + Turbo Button layout (Which most stock arcade sticks have). Also the stick has a pretty neat hand rest which a lot of people adore. In addition, it’s very portable!!

3rd. Just because the game SFxT or Tekken or w/e the fuck you are talking about sucks does not mean the fight stick is going to suck the same way. It doesn’t work that way. It’s like saying a PC game sucked so the value on PC’s should go down right? No…

ffs dude, I tried to answer your questions but this one just threw me off…


Dude read the damned stickies.


Thanks guys…someone on gamefaqs suggested I get the Qanba Q4RAF? I wanted to get your opinions on that stick. I assume it is not as good since you all did not mention it… Seems like a good deal but hard to find.


Dude for real, read the stickies. They go over everything.


Yes but I always value personal opinions as well as information.


The Q4RAF and SFxT stick are both good. Obviously the Q4RAF is dual console out of the box. Pick whichever one you can get the best deal on and whichever one appeals to you.


Reason that Solder said check the stickies is that your question is much more common than you think.
and second it is a rule on tech talk to check the stickies on the board before posting a question.

You could have posted your questions on"What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting"thread as the majority of your questions would be Answered there.

I can tell you right now, the stick you slected is a good stick for a good price. The majority of store bough sticks made with ether Sanwa or Seimtsu parts are going to be worth it.

As for any mods or resinkining that would be up to you to decide it you want to do that or not.[URL=‘’]


In all honesty, that stick was 100$, and you’ll be paying around 100$ for a dual mod. It’s a good deal, but you could’ve gotten a used modded stick for around 130-200, and you could buy a new Qanba for around 140 (works for xbox, ps3, and pc, and it’s pretty neat looking).


Also the TE kitty is solderless and multi console and brain dead… Its a lil more expensive but if you decide ”hey I wanna mod thos to play ps1/2, gamecube… Etc then its a matter of adding a hole and getting break away.cables made


TE Kitty is not recommended for the SFxT Pro Stick.

It hardly has any space to fit.