Is this fightstick easy to mod?

Hello, i decided to create a new thread because i thought it could be offtopic in the Qanba official thread. So basically as i said on the Qanba thread i bought this old Qanba model but the stick is quite bad. i would like to understand if it s easier modding it with a good stick or not. The buttons are not good too but i will look over it when they stop to work. If i ask for a refund i will have to pay the return shipping and then i would probably spend a little difference for another model like Q1. So maybe, if it s easy finding a good joystick and it fits with the qanba parts, it could be better modding it. Do you now if this model is compatibile with sanwa or seimitsu sticks?? I can post pics if you need . And in case i can modd it easily what stick do you suggest to me?

Someone put a couple videos on youtube about modding one of those.

I would not even bother.
The money you end up sinking into that POS you could of bought a decent stick in the first place.
It not a question if it’s easy or not, its not even financially feasible. You Still have a inferior stick in the end.
It isn’t worth the effort.

You are better off looking for a existing wooden, plastic or metal box that sturdy, drilling holes into it and converting that into a stick.

well the point is i saw a Sanwa stick is about 20£ on ArcadeworldUk and i didn t find any Qanba Q1, or Madcatz in Europe. I cannot spend 100 or more bucks on a Joystick… the case of this one looks really solid but it s the stick and buttons that are not ok…

Converting everything to Euros for the math.

Well lets see, you got a 60 euro stick that I would not pay 20 for. another 28.76 euro for a JLF, probably the same amount for 8 push buttons
Not counting consumable materials such as wire, crimp on quick disconnects, solder ect… you spend more than your budget allows.
I rounding up to whole bills here, 118 euro not including shipping to fix a crap arcade stick.

After tax & shipping is calculated in it will cost £27.

Modding the arcade stick you purchased is not worth it. IMO you should return it and do some research next time.

With Arcade sticks you get what you paid for.

Solder? i thought there was nothing to solder for replacing a stick… i saw the stick is generally connected with a plug, and fixed with screws… anyway there is no Madcatz or Qanba Q1 for 60 euros in Amazon or ebay… in fact there are no madcatz at all from europe. Just this one by Qanba

Does anybody know something of the joystick i posted up there?

i DID some research, but i can’t buy such things from USA or Asia because shipping are really expensive.

This is the answer you were looking for.

what do u mean?

I’m getting the impression there s a little bit of unfriendliness here…

The QANBA N1 should be easier to mod, but I’m not 100% sure. It looks like it uses standard 30mm buttons/holes, but who knows how the stock buttons are connected (QDs or soldered) and I have no clue how easy/hard to replace the joystick lever.

It’s not unfriendliness that you’re sensing. It seems that you’re looking to buy a cheap stick, and swap in Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. What people are trying to say is that, no matter where you are, it’s almost always more cost efficient to buy a stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts from the get-go. You’re going to end up wasting more time/effort/money in buying a cheap stick and swapping in the parts.

Thanks. I understood that, but the point is that here in Europe is very difficult to find any of the joysticks peole suggested to me here. This things are heavy and shipping becomes very expensive, so it s impossible to buy it from outside europe or even Italy.

What’s the difference between the sanwa JLF and the JLW??

Levered versus non-levered microswitches, tension, different engage points and throw levels. Also, the JLW is discontinued at this point.

i took a pictures of the joystick… i found who sell sanwa here in italy, but i need to understand if it can be mounted there. Thanks

Ok… no responses…maybe somebody can help me to understnd if in the video “Qanba Professional Fighting Joystick Upgrade Part 3/3” by SScorpio00 on YouTube the guy is omitting some part of the job, or if he’s simply connecting the cables to the Sanwa joystick in the right order? i have some problems understanding what he says…

Sorry dude, the reason you’re not getting any answers is because you’re clearly not reading stickies or doing much research on your own. You’re doing the “Will this work? No? Then how about this? Or will this work? No? What about this?”

I’ll throw you a bone, though.
Shows the bolt pattern that a Sanwa JLF should mount to.
You have the stick. Unscrew and measure.

For the wiring:

Connect the wires.