Is this funny or just tasteless?

Is this funny, or just tasteless?

A little from column A, a little from column B.

Though my own sense of humor tends to be pretty awful (I once illustrated a faux children’s story about a retarded kid who gets his face blown off by a hand grenade), I admit that I don’t find jokes at Christopher Reeve’s expense very funny. It’s purely a personal thing, and I don’t really get offended if other people find them funny.


I’m not trying to make it more than it is…I created it as the lowest of lowbrow humor.

you can see the humor in it, despite your reservations about it being at a crippled (and deceased) man’s expense.

Thank you for being able to separate yourself from your feelings towards the man, to see that, not everybody can.

It isn’t really the fact that he was crippled and is now deceased. Reeve’s Superman was my childhood hero. I know myself well enough to understand that if this weren’t the case, then I’d be laughing at the jokes like anybody else.

Here’s a good example of how low my sense of humor can sink (the aforementioned illustrations I did):

I swear I’m not as obsessed with Superman as it must seem right now. The shirt in the first illustration was actually the writer’s idea, not mine.

Well, I can understand people are very attached to their heroes. But I didn’t create it as an attack on anybody’s heroes, and I’m certainly not the first to make fun of Christopher Reeve, in bad taste, and call it art.

as for Ferguson, that’s fucking hilarious. and the best part?, Retarded kids won’t take offense, because it’ll be YEARS before they develop the capacity to read it!

it’s like making fun of the Amish, it’s almost too easy, because it’s not like they’ll ever log the fuck on and read what you said about 'em!

Just tasteless.

fair enough, I guess.

of course, I’m not the first to make a tasteless Chris Reeve joke, so I don’t feel much remorse for it, but I can understand the sentiment.

South Park and Drawn Together both preceded me in it though.

as did this comic:

I found it hilarious but that’s because I’m a waste of a human being.

Who is Christopher Reeve?

(He played Superman in the 80s, then he was paralyzed in a horse riding accident)

if you think that one is bad…I’ve created one so horrible I dare not post a link to it here.

I mean it, it’s worse than tasteless…it’s along the same lines…

if you want to see it, PM Me.

This also actually reminds me of that Invisibleman/Wonderwoman joke and I’m imagining Invisibleman’s ass is going to be sore again.

ducks cover I can understand if ppl are angry at me for laughing at the pic but please don’t be angry at me that I don’t know if there probably isn’t an invisible man character in DC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y’know what?, to hell with it…

if it’s too tasteless, oh well.


and turned it into THIS ABOMINATION!

lol that actually fits much more perfectly compared to the first one.

+rep for hilarity.

<must spread more rep before I could rep again> -_-

'sokay, you repped me for Kavalier and Clay.


for the record, I don’t hate Christopher Reeve, just his actions.

I don’t like celebrity crusades. If he hadn’t fallen off of a horse, he never would’ve given a SHIT about Quadruplegics, Spinal Cord Injuries, or Stem Cell research.

Not to be an asshole about it, but wouldn’t it have been more meaningless if he had just taken it up as a pet cause that he had no personal understanding of?

that’s a good, and valid point, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

but basically, the agenda needed a figurehead, so they courted him to champion it, and now it’s one of the bigger lobbies competing for FDA research grants.

Reeve’s agenda didn’t just include lobbying for stem cell research. He and his foundation made several major charitable contributions to improving the quality of life for people with spinal injuries, which had/has nothing to do with the political side of their efforts.

I personally find politics slightly less worthwhile than allowing cats to use my dick as a scratching post, so I’m not interested in joining the debate over stem cells. Our useless political pundits seem to have that under control. All I can say is that politicians are not scientists, and seeing politicians pretending to take an educated position on scientific matters makes me sick.

True that.

Pretty bad, but a different take rather than “You gonna get raped”