Is this game still going strong?


I bought SSF4 at launch but stopped playing when Arcade Edition came out. I wanted to buy it, but then i thought capcom would just release some Ultra Edition so i didn’t. I bought SFxT thinking it was going to overcome SSF4 in some way, but the game turned out to be crap and then already on the first day there’s paid DLC. So i’m thinking on buying the arcade edition upgrade for my SSF4, i haven’t been following the scene for some time so, is it worth it at this time? Or should i wait for the Ultra Mega Super Master Arcade Edition?


There’s no update coming from herein. SSF4 had a ton of players at evo. It’s still strong. Go for it if you enjoy it.

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I don’t think you should buy it. :tup:


Street Fighter 4 still has an enormous amount of people supporting it. UMVC3 may have exceeded it’s popularity in the USA (maybe) but globally, it’s still one of the most played fighting games in the world right now.


[LEFT]AE is still going strong and it is still the main event at EVO. It might not have the hype of Marvel but it really is the most solid and grounded 2D Tournament Fighter out there* - it’s not going anywhere real soon.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]*I understand King of Fighters is pretty dope as well, much love there.[/LEFT]


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