Is this game taking SF's spot at EVO?

Or will AE just continue being at nationals regardless?

I don’t want to migrate for nothing.

SSF4:AE is still in the Evo lineup…

  1. SFxT and SFIV are going to be at EVO this year. If you paid any attention you’d know that already
  2. Why limit yourself to only one game? That’s dumb.

Even if SFxT become more popular than SFIV it doesn’t matter. SFIV will still be more popular than game 4, 5 or 6 on the Evo Roster and outside of America it kills MVC3 anyway. The Big 3 for the next few years is SFIV, MVC3 and this game, it’s only the order that matters.

And this year SFIV should be #1, most international players will be here for this game, it’s the first Evo of this version etc. Even if SFxTK hits off it will take another Evo before it overtakes SFIV. And it will need stuff like an arcade release in Japan (if 80% of SFIV Japanese players switch,the sheep will follow) that we get as well and no more additions to SFIV (which would be nice actually since not one version has lasted a year).

would take a lot less than starting a thread

Did CvS2 take over 3S’s EVO spot?

Unnecessary question answered. You could have just checked EVO’s site. Locking this.