Is this game worth $40?


Do you guys think it’s worth 40 bucks or should I wait for SFxTekken or SC5?


It really depends on how fun you find the multiplayer and how good your connection is. There’s barely any single player, and the online multiplayer has pretty bad netcode (Although it’s a LOT better than vanilla’s). However, Marvel can be really fun if you do have those things, and it is definitely the craziest of the three games.

Street Fighter x Tekken and Soul Calibur 5 will have many more features, even with the Heroes and Heralds DLC. I like grinding out multiplayer, but I know many people don’t.

One thing to keep in mind is which style of gameplay you enjoy. Street Fighter X Tekken will probably play a lot like Street Fighter IV (Now that they removed universal chaining into specials), while Soul Calibur 5 will definitely play a lot like the previous games in the series.


I certainly think it’s worth at least $40. Depends on whether or not you like the game.


it’s a good game for 40 bucks. Despite the game’s ability to infuriate you because of how random it sometimes gets (mostly due to the stupidity of x-factor), it is pretty addicting. The game still has that crack element like previous mvc games. I have a love-hate relationship with the game.


Only if 4 things come into account
>you enjoy fighters
>you buy games for their multiplayer aspects over single player
>you live in a populated area because even though the netcodes better, it’s not like a humongous amount of people have the game.
> you enjoy sf4 or sc4 and would prefer a fatser paced team game.

i wouldn’t recommend waiting and staring at the wall but if you’re just going to play this until those two come out and you have no experience with the game, i say pick up something else because you won’t get much out of the month until sc5 but frustration and maybe a tiny bit of fun and you’ll probably move on to one of those two and forget you have this game.


SFxT from what I see will still play more like the SFA games then SF4, the game is still meant to be very beginner (or as some would say, scrub) friendly with easy to do high damage combos and a less deliberate pace then SF4. SC5 looks to be a lot faster pace then crappy Slow Calibur 3 & 4, and should be a better game then those 2 and hopefully be as good as SC2.

If you are looking for a game which can allow you to be creative and come out with tactics that no one else knows of this game is for you. But be warned that:

(1) Those who call this game scrub friendly pretty much don’t know what they are talking about. This game is far more deeper and harder to master then what many give it credit for.
(2) You WILL get bodied badly when you start out in this game, against those who have been playing it for a long time. And you will need to work extra hard to catch up with them.
(3) This game isn’t random, it’s just extremely unforgiving, with a small margin of error. People getting blown up because of 1 dropped combo, 1 stupid decision or 1 mistake in their input is extremely common. Be prepared to be extremely frustrated while playing this game because of that.
(4) You need to be flexible and not think of crap like character loyalty or being stubborn about how you want to play a character. Because this game as about looking for the most broken shit, and very often the most broken shit isn’t what you expect or want.


If you are someone who wants to have fun right away and do not take anything seriously this is your game.

The game is extremely frustrating (for many stupid things that are in the gameplay) but if you have a proper mind set then there should be no problem if you like chaos and super accessible games, another warning: if you are in Europe and want to play online this game is almost dead.


That was beautifully said, and I 100% agree with your view on umvc3. $40 is easily worth it



It’s worth forty bucks if it looks good and you don’t feel burned by vanilla Mahvel 3.

I feel that it should be WAY more fun than SFxTekken, but I don’t know about the comparison to SC5 since they are two different types of fighters. I’d say get Mahvel for 2D gaming and Soul Calibur for 3D gaming.

This game is scrub friendly, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be deep and engaging too.


It might be scrub friendly back in the first few months of vanilla when everyone didn’t know what they are doing. Now, if you are new to the game you are more or less guaranteed to get blown up badly by those who know what they are doing. X Factor? They know how to use it better then you do. Wesker? Everyone’s using him and even more broken characters than him that beginners will have no idea how to deal with. Scrub tactics like spamming Doom footdives/Hulk’s H? You wouldn’t be able to get far relying too much on them.


OP makes it sound like there’s a definite answer to this question. Your best bet is to rent it or play it at a friend’s house. Your own opinion trumps everyone else’s in this case.


Easy answer

Did you enjoy vanilla?

YES - Get the game

NO - Skip this and wait for a future game


buddy, it’s random. Combofiend says it, J. Wong says it, Yipes says it, and a whole bunch of other people. When you have the top players calling a game random then something is obviously wrong with it. And I love the game, it’s fun, but I would have to agree. This game is extremely unpredictable. Ask yourself a question, how many times did X-Factor save your life? How many times did you come back when you were down because of this?

Any win with x-factor is not a real win.


Any win is a win. That’s how fighting games work. That this game is random is nothing more than a myth. It’s completely fair to hate X Factor or any comeback mechanisms, but they don’t add randomness to the game. They lower the margin of error and make it a lot more important for there to be zero mistakes in your play. There are a lot of ways to deal with X Factor, snap in those Weskers, waste time by flying and teleporting about, use random hypers, don’t give your opponent a chance to use it, etc. You also have X Factor too and there’s no excuse for you to use the X Factor more poorly than your opponent. If you lose to X Factor it’s because you screwed up and you didn’t learn about to deal with X Factor. Not because X Factor made the game more random.

If this game is really random, then why is it always the same guys who end up top 8 in tourneys?


Your argument doesn’t prove that MvC3 isn’t a scrub-friendly game. What you’re basically saying is that an inexperienced player will always lose from an experienced player. That’s just common sense.

A game is scrub-friendly when the game can be easily picked up by a casual player without having to put in loads of effort. Yet at the same time can perform all the core aspects of the game. So for Marvel that would be: combo’s, dash-cancelling, advance guarding, X-Factor, Hypers, DHCs, TACs, etc. All these things can be easily executed by novice players just by reading the manual.

Just because a game is hard to master or has a deeper meaning to it, doesn’t mean it can’t be easy for new players to play. Heck, Tetris is scrub-friendly, but is hella hard to be good at.


Do I think it’s worth $40…yes.
Would I buy it for $40…no.


“Random” doesn’t mean what you think it means in this case. When players like Wong say shit like that, it mostly refers to the fact that there’s a small amount of variance (in a range) at the top in regards to winning matches. IE: Wong ends up losing on occasion to lesser top players due to shit that can be hard to predict/“random.”

However, you’re misinterpreting that to think that it means that greatly lesser skilled players can consistently get games off top players - which has never, ever been true. The game is pretty stable overall in terms of the better player winning most of the time. There’s a small amount of variance that occurs when players are already really close in skill, but that’s about it.

When you find yourself losing to a scrubby player because you ran into “HULK SMASH” one too many times, it isn’t the game’s fault or the game being “random” - its your own fault for being worse than the scrubby player you’re complaining about.


Agree on some things you say but there is something you mentioned earlier that is important.

When you take into consideration this point (which is true in this game and others in part) is because the RNG is greatly decreased because a smaller sample of characters to be fully competitive, therefore the variables will be lower and you can have best fights, at that point of view the game is not random.

The problem is when you realize that this game was never originally designed for tournament players in mind, the game is not designed to be competitive, this game was designed so that everyone had a chance to win in a short time and enjoy it casually.

When you come for the first time and feel the thrill of playing your favorite character you have in mind to be competitive to some degree but you realize the horrible truth that not all characters are viable and you see a scenario where everyone uses the characters they want without having to mind if they are good competitively, so the variables are increased (TAC’s, which character uses X-factor, assists, etc) and there are unavoidable situations that bother the players, the problem is that this game was initially designed for this type of players but fails miserably because there are things that seem ridiculous when you progress more in the game by finally give up, the game tries to reward players with a false sense of achievement, but it is a mask in the end for casual players.

The game was designed for casual gamers but ironically the same game contradicts itself because there are mechanisms that scares them, the game can be fun if you have a proper mindset for it, but has a bad design because the competitive players try to adapt to a game that was not designed for them while on the other hand the game scares casual players, hopefully capcom will learn from these lessons, it is difficult to please everyone.

INB4 “you’re talking about scrubs”

Feel free to correct me, i like different opinions.


I personally think it’s one of (if not the best) fighting games ever made.

For $40, will you get 10 hours of gameplay out of it? If so, that’s $4 per hour. And any experience/skills you accrue in this game should carry forward to other fighting games. I’d say it’s well worth it.


They mean random in the sense that, with mixups so easy to perform in this game, players need to make a lot of reads/guesses/whatever you want to call it. For lack of a better word, this game is indeed “random”, but not in a “Flip the coin and see who wins” sense.

And “real wins”? A win with XF is a win, regardless of how stupid the mechanic is. There are no “fake” wins, nor are there “real” wins. Just wins.