Is this how Japanese people get onto trains

This is messed up


I actually got caught in one of these getting on a train in Tokyo during rush hour for people heading home. Like sardines we were…
This was almost 10 years ago though, maybe it has changed since.

I never saw anything like this while over there.

Damn that sucks squished tight in there.

There are subway workers who are hired specifically for this very sort of thing…cramming each train as full as possible during rush hour.

I had a similar experience getting into a subway in Bangkok…wasn’t as crammed as that vid though…but was totally body-to-body.

Is that real?!! Can’t believe it worked.

If that was me, I would have to be in line with a women in front and in back of me.

^ ^ ^
I’ll bet they already have a name for that… something very offensive and Engrish like “400 Pressure Rape Sandwich.”


This one looks more full on the outside:

Why do you have to bring my people in this, it’s more funny when it’s someone else

Is this how guys rape chicks in real-life like in hentai?

Those someone else are my people, I do find both funny though.

A lot of groping studies about it.