Is this how liquid metal done his infinite with im at the evo 2002 trailer?



hk,sj.hp,air dash down-forward,lk(2),hp,hold up and forward and push :(lp,lp,lk,hp) repeat the brackets. i think it works tell me if im right or wrong


u were almost completely right but its this.
hk,sj.d+hp,ad-df,lk(2),u+hp,uf+lp,lp,lk,hp) rinse and repeat. its a good combo. shit any infinite is a good


The sj.hp after the launch has to be neutraled (meaning straight) otherwise it will not set up. You can aim the hp downforward but it’s not as consistnat.


can someone post a link to the 2002 evo trailer im sorry but i havent seen it yet.


Has there been any new solo IM INF setups. BTW what is the easiest solo setup so far. I know about the,, fly/unfly one but that requires unfly to do.:frowning: And I can’t do the one above.:frowning:


In corner:

Launch, lp lk fp(neutral) fk(OTG) jumping lk lp up+HP land and re-jump + infinite

or you Launch LK LP instead of LP LK.

Some people vary this a bit but I find it easiest to do it this way.This isn’t anything new but I find it the easiest one to do, sadly you have to be in the corner in order to do it :bluu: