Is this how to practice frame traps?

Hi guys,
I recorded Ryu guard recovery actions to clp and cmp. After messing around I found that after doing with Karin slp+clp+cmk x qcb+hk it counters Ryu recovery action. Question is, Is that a frame trap? or how to actually know when you found a valid frame trap?

A frame trap is any setup that results in tricking the opponent to attack when they shouldn’t, and get counterhit.

Never do this with Use, because it’s +2 on block. Nobody’s ever going to fall for you using a special move after, because if not canceled, it’s unsafe. If they block, you could go for a grab, in which they might hit jab. Kicks would be a good tool in this situation. You also might be able to frame trap them with jab after at some ranges.

Another notable move for Karin is her standing lk. It’s +3 on block. This means that you can use your c.lp to beat out anything 6 frames or under.

But yeah, this is a frame trap. Any time a blockstring has a place where someone can hit a button, it’s technically a frame trap. The trick is to have a move that can have multiple purposes.

Take for example my main, Necalli. Necalli’s mp is +2 on block. After I do it, I can go for a grab, or frame trap either some version of Valient Rebellion, or is also +2 on block, so if I go for at some ranges, it gives me another potential frame trap. The other nasty thing is that Necali’s command grab has an 8 frame startup, and can hit stray normals. If I’m pushed out of range of a regular grab, I can use this to try and frame trap some normals that’d wiff me, or 6 frame normals. This makes Necalli very scary at point blank.

Thanks for the feedback, I was just trying to understand the concept. I’ll practice doing it with Now that I know what a frame trap looks like it’ll help me a lot.