Is this how you play Vega?



I want to learn Vega and I found out about this guy I want share it with you all


This is exactly how you should be playing vega.

Too bad every vega I’ve played likes to turtle and bait.

p.s. - This should be in the Vega sub-forum.


But we can’t tell if Vega is powerful or not until we find out in tournament and ranking leader.
Ranking leader is missed up atm let’s wait and see for any updates.

Lol I agree with you people think Vega is charged char thats why they turtle xD

and I dont know about the bait LOL


A chunk of this has to deal with his tricky LP Crimson Terror mixup, i honestly only see this being viable against opponents who never seen this before. Once you see it a couple times you know how to deal with it. His punish combos are sweet but that’s about it.

Vega his amazing pokes with his claw and good decent combo potential with his bare hand, He can be played offensively and defensively. Or a combination of both for a good mixup, which is how i believe vega should be played.


any explanation why so many go into fight with claws off asap? I’ve looked at the frames chart on the other site, which doesn’t show a huge advantage over claws, and considering the lack of A slash and forward hp poke, not sure if GID is werth it?


More cancellable moves (st.MP, cr.MP, cr.HP go from non-cancellable to cancellable), faster startup in all his punches save st.HP, which becomes 1 frame slower (from 8 to 9), and cr.LP, which remains the same at 4 frames, a target combo (st.MP, st.HK) that can be cancelled for more damage, and GID.

Claw mode has its merits, but it’s probably harder to use and definitely worse in terms of overall combo damage and pressure.


thanks time mage, after reading your other post on cancel this now make sense.


To put it simply, claw is best at defence where BareHand is best at Offence. Deciding when to switch to the other is the hardest for me.


I usually stay in claw until I get a knockdown or an opportunity to punish into st.hp > claw switch, from there it’s command throw on block or if the st.hp confirms. However, there are match ups where I like to stay in claw, primarily gief, birdie and mika. That may not be the most optimal strategy but it’s where I’m comfortable.